Ferrari 328

Ferrari 328

GTS | ABS | Origineel NL | Uniek lage km-stand (incl NAP)
Factory Color
44.655 km

Ferrari 328 GTS

Absolutely unique: an original Dutch delivered 1988 Ferrari 328 GTS with only 44,655 km driving experience! Since it was put on the road on May 26, the perfectly maintained (up to 40,000 km at Ferrari Dealer Kroymans, followed by a local specialist) Rosso Corsa GTS has had just 2 owners. The 2nd one spent most of the time with his Ferrari by only looking at it. So please feel free to ask for a decent test-drive…


This is it’s story: the last owner bought the red race horse 16 years ago at Ferrari dealer Kroymans and has recently reached the respectable age of 85 years. Not quite the age for a smooth entry in an extremely low 80s supercar cockpit. Also the steering and transmission of a classic Ferrari could use some (younger) muscles. However, saying goodbye to the car he love(d) so much, wasn’t easy. That’s why he kept the Italian beauty for so long, with the wonderful mileage as a result. In fact, he drove only 5,000 km in 16 years!
We expect him to drive a lot more Ferrari now that the 328 GTS has been exchanged for a modern California, in the exact same Rosso Corsa color. A perfect alternative to drive fast and in style, with a little more comfort. Yes indeed, the love for the mythical sports car brand doesn’t age…


The stunning beautiful Ferrari 328 GTS that we offer at Prins includes the popular removable targa roof and fiery lacquer called Rosso Corsa. Unlike its predecessor, the 328 has body-colored bumpers, so there’s a lot Ferrari red to enjoy. After 32 years, the Leonardo Fioravanti (employed by Pininfarina) designed bodywork didn’t lose any of its shine. What a beauty! As a successor of the Ferrari 308 and “little brother” of the V12-powered Testarossa, the 328 seems to be the perfect mix of these two: it still has all the sharpness, but there’s a fine touch of 80s design as well!


The interior is just as traditional and wonderful as the exterior: the Nero leather upholstery and all other parts are in great shape. With the characteristic shift wings and without the power steering, driving the Ferrari 328 GTS feels like working. However, it’s the best job in the world… Enough of working? Keep the previous owner it mind and think of what he did with all this beauty.

Technique & performance

Of course you dream about pushing the 3.2 liter Ferrari V8 to the limit. So if you’re capable of doing it, we would definitely release those 270 sparkling horses in the back. Just hearing it is already a dream coming true! All 270 horses find their way to the rear wheels. Sliding the gear through the traditional H-pattern requires some concentration, but for gorgeous milled shift wings like these, the real fan won’t hesitate for a moment. Besides, no sweat no glory, right?

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