Ferrari 328

Ferrari 328

Factory Color
59.738 km

The Ferrari 328 is the last Ferrari that was built under the regime of Enzo himself. Of course, this adds an extra dimension to the special feeling that the strict two-seater evokes. Thereby, this particular 328 contains the popular GTS version (the one with the removable Targa roof) and is both visually as well as technically in stunning condition. Therewith, the history is just as special as the car itself.


This beautiful 328 GTS was delivered new in 1987 in Canada by renowned Ferrari importer Luigi Della Grotta Sports Cars, based in Quebec. Luigi was the first Canadian dealer who got the rights to sell new Ferraris. He was also good friends with Enzo. The founder of the Italian brand admired Luigi’s tenacity, after he had tried to obtain licenses for the sale of new Ferraris several times. The former Ferrari importer was known for his peerless enthusiasm and huge love for the brand with the Prancing Horse. According to Luigi, you first had to “earn” a Ferrari before you could buy one. During his last years, Luigi's business was transformed into a veritable car temple with an appearance which actually showed more similarities with the look and feel of a museum / clubhouse than a garage.
Since this 328 GTS is a Canadian version, the car is equipped with an odometer and a Fahrenheit temperature; an exceptional combination. The documentation also is fully included.


Looking at the magnificent body, designed by Leonardo Fioravanti (at that moment employed by Pininfarina), there are many similarities with predecessor 308, and a refined touch Testarossa; 328’s 'big brother' in the 80s. Including the larger light units at the front and modified, color-keyed bumpers. As far as we can judge, this gorgeous GTS contains the original Rosso Corsa paintwork. It’s a confirmation of what we already knew: the previous owners cared for their stylish Italian pride with all the love and respect in the world. The whole body absolutely is in perfect shape!
The same goes for the interior. The black leather truly is immaculate. After all these years, it has lost nothing of its authenticity and charisma. Therefore, the condition deserves a deep curtsy.


The 328 was always known for its maintainability. This one is handled with extra care. The 3,184 cc V8 mid-engine sounds, feels and even smells like it has just left the factory. The thoroughbred eight-cylinder delivers 270 hp. And once you really give this bright red racing horse a go, it’s obvious all 270 are still alive and kicking.
Ready to experience Enzo’s last masterpiece all by yourself? This is your chance! So, time to grab that wheel with both hands and drive this legend towards a new chapter in automotive history. See you in Holland!

Kind regards,
Prins Classics.