Ferrari 348 TB

The posters may have been pulled off the wall years ago, but with this original piece of art the former photo model (and perhaps also scale model?) comes back to life immediately: a 30-year-old Ferrari 348 TB in new condition… Indeed, new! Exactly like the car that previously covered your wall. How? Well, by driving no more than 5,985 km… In the meantime, the former owner’s garage must have had the luxury of a villa or penthouse, because nothing – and by nothing we mean really nothing – reveals the age of this absolutely unique Ferrari classic. Or it must be the awesome 80s design.


How much history has a Ferrari with a mileage below 6,000? About as much as a one that’s 29 years younger. And yet it’s worth mentioning: the 348 TB was put on the road on a summer day in August 1990 by our colleagues from Kroymans Hilversum. The first owner could literally push it to his home; he practically lived around the corner from the Ferrari dealer in the much loved “Bosch en Duin”. You’d almost think that he didn’t get much further than driving it to and from the dealer, looking at the numbers on the odometer back in 2015: after 25 years it moved up to 4,000! Even the owner thought this was a little bit low, so he told a close friend to drive an extra 1,000 before asking Kroymans to sell it once again.
A loyal Prins customer couldn’t resist the brilliant offer. As a result he made it his after letting the Ferrari 348 being technically prepared including a new timing belt. The salesman who had the honor to hand over the keys this time? The same as in 1990! During the 5 beautiful years that followed, another 1,000 km was driven. We recently serviced the 348 TB again, so the next owner can enjoy this 30-year-old new Ferrari carefree.

Interior & exterior

It was mentioned briefly in the intro: the Ferrari 348 TB has a typical 80s design. Distinctive are the air inlets in front of the rear wheels. In contrast to successor F355, the 348 also has lines in the doors like the Testarossa. Other similarities with this classic Ferrari are the black covers placed over the tail lights. Naturally, the pop-up headlights are included too. The bright red Rosso Corsa paintwork is absolutely magnificent. And even the matte black front spoiler is spotless. Almost bizarre how perfect it is.
The interior even smells like it’s 1990. The Nero leather upholstery is that immaculate! Seats, steering wheel, dashboard, gear shift but also the characteristic gear pattern seem to come directly out of a brochure. The main difference is that in this Ferrari you immediately feel what the brochure promises its readers.

Technique & performance

The Ferrari 348 TB drives like it looks: exceptionally smooth. The mid-engine produces 300 hp at the fullest: it sounds like new, looks like new and accelerates like new: from 0-100 km/h within 5.6 seconds. The 3.4-liter Ferrari V8 is linked to a manual gearbox. In 5, a top speed of 275 km/h is achievable. All original tools go in (Italian) style: note that cognac leather tool bag! Or should we say beauty case...?

Kind regards,
Prins Classics