Ferrari 456

Ferrari 456

GT | Blu Swater / Sabbia
Factory Color
56.844 km

Ferrari 456 GT

The unadulterated GT character of the Ferrari with the model name based on the segment in which it sets the pace, has no equal. The 465 GT is the classic among the grand tourers; every Ferrari adept will agree. Give the king of the classy sports cars a color scheme just as chic, and this is what you get: a true Prins Classic. Including a complete and flawless history.


This Italian beauty in heart and soul was originally delivered new in Nürnberg, Germany. Since it first met with German asphalt in March 1995, the 456 has gained 56,842 km of experience. Holland was part of the journey as well. Since May 2005 the Ferrari was possessed by the first and last (up to now) Dutch owner. The included service books tell us that the 2+2 was punctually and professionally maintained back in 2006 and 2013 by well-known Ferrari Specialist Forza Service in Oss.

Exterior & design

The stylish design of a Ferrari 456 GT can be recognized from a huge distance. Of course, the considerable size of the bodywork also contributes to this fact, but more importantly, the bodywork profile is very characteristic and yet exceptionally modest; a rare combination.
The 456 GT stands out in refinement. The beautiful Blu Swaters lacquer accentuates this in a brilliant way. The stretched coupe has an imposing appearance, which is partly due to its fairly - for Ferrari standards - unpretentious design. No matter how large, there was no room for frills in the clean body of the 456. Instead, renowned top designer Pininfarina opted for elegant curves, interspersed with straight lines. It makes the classic GT timeless as she is; after 25 years of delivering, the Ferrari still shines like a diamond. Now that’s what we call “true art on wheels.”

Interior & technique

The interior is a pleasant surprise too. Tasteful Sabbia leather brightens up your day continuously: the light tint of course is stunningly beautiful, but combined with a dark blue Ferrari, the beige leather upholstery looks even more delicious. Wow. The top of the dashboard is covered with Nero leather, which ensures a delightful contrast.
Also noticeable is the aluminum gearshift, sparkling wonderfully above the classic H-pattern. We hope the technique is half as magnificent as its appearance. But it turns out that it’s even better. The manual transmission has a strength similar to the right pedal. In front there are 442 horses to represent ultimate V12 power, which is put on the rear wheels by 6 gears. It pushes the 456 forward from 0-100 km/h within 5.2 seconds. The top speed is a magical, competition-shattering 310 km/h. This GT is one piece of emotion; you can feel it, see it and hear it: thanks to the “clicking” sound of the gearshift moving through the traditionally milled pattern, for example. Not to mention the roaring 5.5-liter 12-cylinder…

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Climate control
Electric adjustable front seat
Leather furnishing