Ferrari 512

Ferrari 512

BBi | top condition!
Factory Color
16.703 km

Ferrari 512 BBi Rosso Corsa

In 1983 everything pointed to Lille, France. Nowadays Nunspeet, Holland is the place to be. The reason? This absolutely unique, gorgeous looking and perfectly maintained Ferrari 512 BBi!
At Prins, we’ve welcomed many beautiful classics over the years. The Berlinetta Boxer also stands on our list several times. However, none of them was as stunning as this one. What can we say? The 512 with matching numbers is worth the long wait; this 12-cylinder Ferrari is really inimitable! From the inside, outside and also technically the Prancing Horse is almost too good to be true. Almost, since the full (damage-free!) history tells us it is true. Magnifico!


Back in 1973 the first Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer, the 365 GT4 BB, was presented as the successor of the glorious Daytona. The 365 BB, later called 512 BB(i), meant a huge step for Enzo Ferrari. It was the first Ferrari road car with a mid-engine layout. Enzo had tried to resist such a configuration for a long time, fearing that mid-engined Ferraris would be too dangerous for customers without any racing experience. When Ferrari lost its dominance in racing to competitors with mid-engine configurations, he got the perfect motive to give his engineers green light for the new layout. And, as you can see, not just for the cars on track…


The excellent condition of this particular 512 is partly due to the fact that the original owner loved looking at it, just as much as he loved driving it. A lost opportunity? Could be. On the other hand, only the thought of having the BBi may be satisfying enough for most of us. After all, there’s a reason that the 1st owner possessed the Ferrari 512 until 2008…
The former owner came from Belgian and clearly had great plans with his new classic. Yes, the car was well maintained, but after 33 years a thorough refurbishment would bring the Berlinetta Boxer back to its original condition. And who doesn’t want that? In 2016 and 2017 the 70/80s supercar got a complete engine overhaul. The 512 BBi has been technically rebuilt by renowned Ferrari Specialist GiPi Motors in Brussels. Gaskets, rubbers, suspension and brakes; it’s all fully renewed. The bodywork has been refreshed as well: the Ferrari red was perfectly revived by topping off the paintwork, in order to smooth out any structure in the new lacquer. Because a real masterpiece deserves the best treatment…

Interior & exterior

Many of us would want to look so pretty after 36 years. Sure, the 512 BBi has had a little bit of help in terms of body paint. So what? The result speaks for itself: the Rosso Corsa Ferrari smoothly sets everyone on fire, it’s that good. The interior is at least as beautiful, complete and also completely original. This is exactly what makes this car so impressive: after all these years, the cockpit has remained totally damage-free and hasn’t lost anything of its authenticity. How often do you come across an opportunity like this…?

Technique & performance

The Ferrari 512 BBi was introduced in 1981 as the latest series Berlinetta Boxers, before it was followed up by the famous Testarossa 3 years later. The addition 'i' in BBi of the newest 512s, refers to the Bosch K-Jetronic CIS fuel injection for a better balance between performance and drivability. Also the 4.9 liter 180º “Flat 12” produces less emission. But how much you care for that last part while accelerating from 0-100 km/h within 5.3 seconds and reaching a top speed of 288 km/h, we honestly don’t know. Or actually, we do.

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