Ferrari 512

Ferrari 512

TR , last serie with ABS
Factory Color
33.210 km

Ferrari 512 TR

The unadulterated Ferrari feeling in original brand colors. This sensationally beautiful 1995 Giallo 512 TR is the last of the 512 series, with a factory-equipped ABS braking system and a stronger differential. Exact numbers aren’t released, but likely only 50 exemplars of the latest 512 series were built. Also, the car has a Nero leather interior and a very rare Giallo bodywork lacquer. Curious about what makes this story even more unique? That this has not always been the case...


There was a time that the bright yellow Ferrari was as red as its V12 valve cover. That didn’t last long though. Moreover, the Rosso paint already became history before the TR was driven by the first owner. His preference for Giallo was that strong that Ferrari changed the color just before she was delivered for the very first time.
Another extraordinary fact: the car has had only 2 owners. The 2nd owner had the 512 in his possession since 1998. Originally the desirable prancing horse was delivered by Ferrari Perugia, located in a city in the center of Italy, between Rome and Florence. 3 years later Dr. Farini from Lioni owned the car. And remained owner, for 17 years!


As full-blown blood specialist, the doctor knew exactly how to retain a full-blooded sports car like the 512 in immaculate condition. The smooth Giallo body (code Fer102) and classy Nero leather interior (code A8500) are both in absolute perfect condition. Unprecedented for a 20 year old car! The history is fully known and documented in a beautiful folder with Giallo cover. Speaking of details…

Trim & technique

The Ferrari 512 TR was introduced in 1991 as successor of the mesmerizing Testarossa - perhaps the most famous Ferrari of all time. Its name is inspired by the displacement of almost 5 liters (4,943 cc) and 12 cylinders. The abbreviation TR is a direct reference to his famous predecessor, and means "red head". A definition which can only be explained after opening the hood. There lies a longitudinally-mounted 428 horsepower (38 more than the Testarossa) 12-cylinder mid-engine, in flat-lying 180 ° V-configuration, including a red colored valve cover. It’s also just about the only red part on this Ferrari. Because almost everything is yellow. Or black. Even the Giallo calipers and Nero carpets (code 80)!


Also impressive: the acceleration 0-100 km/h only takes 4.8 seconds in the 512 TR. But perhaps more important: in this sophisticated evolution of the legendary Ferrari Testarossa, the car knows to break the magic limit of 300 km/h. Its top is a thrilling 314 km/h! Thanks to the special Tubi exhaust system the speed sensation is further emphasized, as the characteristic V12 sounds even more overwhelming! Then there’s the improved steering, gearbox, weight distribution and handling compared to the Testarossa. The 512 is significantly easier to drive on the limit than its illustrious predecessor.


Unique design features that the 512 TR inherits from the Testarossa are the typical 80s pop-up headlights, beautifully styled air intakes, extremely broad 'shoulders' and of course the shutters behind the taillights. Only slightly modified light units at the front and the rear, newly designed wheels and an adjusted hood, front bumper and bumper spoiler distinguishes this type of the original.
However, you forget the whole range of tasteful finishing touches and modifications, if you just lay eyes on the traditional gear shift in the authentic interior. Because that’s the moment that you realize: this is YOUR moment. Take it. With both hands. Properly.

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