Ferrari 512

Ferrari 512

Factory Color
73.618 km

The previous owner had this 512TR completely renovated. The interior as well as the exterior of this 512 TR is in brilliant condition. From the Rosso Corsa paint to the tailor made black leather interior and also the technique of this flamboyant car had a full refurbishment.

The 512 TR was introduced in 1991 as a successor to perhaps the most famous Ferrari of all time: the Testarossa. Its name is inspired by the displacement of almost 5 liters (4943 cc) and 12 cylinders. TR is a direct reference to his famous predecessor, and roughly translated means "red head". A name that becomes clear after opening the hood, where a 12-cylinder is housed in the longitudinal direction, including red colored cylinder head cover.

Like the model itself, the power source of the 512 is an evolution of the original. The flat-lying 180 ° 12 cilinder mid-engine delivers 428 hp; 38 horses more than the Testarossa. Naturally, this improves performance. Acceleration from 0-100 km / h takes the TR 512 just 4.8 seconds. But perhaps more importantly, in this embodiment, the Ferrari knows how to break the magic limit of 300 km / h with a thrilling 314 km/h!

At least as impressive is the improved steering, gear box (operation and position), weight distribution and hence the handling in relation to the Testarossa. The 512TR is therefore significantly easier to drive on the limit than its illustrious predecessor. Unique design features that inherits the 512 TR of the Testarossa, the characteristic '80s hit headlights, beautifully styled air intakes aesthetic extend into the doors, extremely broad' shoulders' and of course the horizontal blades at the rear. Only slightly modified light clusters front and rear, newly designed wheels and custom hood, front bumper and lip spoiler distinguish this type of the original. This particular specimen adds another bright red brake calipers and Scuderia Ferrari Shields on the screens to it.

Once boarded, the differences are subtle. The interior layout is Spartan and makes a stylish impression. However, you forget about all the refinements and modifications when you start the engine and shift the traditional gearshift in first gear. The moment you feel, hear and smell the specialness.

With kind regards,
team Prins

Alcantara upholstery
Leather furnishing
Leather door panels
Logo in headrest