Ferrari 550

Ferrari 550

Maranello | Full history | Top condition
Factory Color
77.072 km

Ferrari 550 Maranello.

A wonderful 1998 Ferrari 550 Maranello with manual (!) transmission, maintained by renowned Ferrari dealer Joe Macari! This beautiful black Italian has a strong international (European) character, offers an addictive kind of driving experience and sounds absolutely sensational…


The first kilometers were driven in England, with a Greek behind the steering wheel. Apparently the first owner preferred the rainy climate in the UK over the sunshine Greece offers. Although the 550 probably made his sun shine every day... In 2006 a Swedish man took over the Prancing Horse, followed by a Belgian in 2016: the 3rd and last owner so far.
The last extensive service dates from June 2017. The timing belt is one of the things that has been replaced at that time, as you can see on the invoice. So, there’s no reason to take it easy when everything in your body tells you to go for it.


The 550 Maranello seems to have invented the phrase 'natural beauty'. Especially in a discreet lacquer like Nero Daytona, it’s easy to see how gorgeous this Ferrari is by its simplicity. The bodywork is extremely tight. Nevertheless, it’s hard to find sharp angles; the lines are mostly graceful. There are just enough details - referring to the air intakes behind the front wheels and in the bonnet - to do justice to the great potential of the supercar.
The profile is unmistakably Maranello: a stretched bonnet combined with a compact rear, give the car an athletic appearance. The 550 actually looks like a GT for two. Yet there’s power for many.

Interior & technology

The black livery continues in style on the inside: here you’ll find Nero leather upholstery on the seats, the steering wheel and the dashboard. Brilliant details such as the aluminum gear shift in classic H-pattern, perforated sports pedals and chrome-rimmed instruments, are characteristic for the 90s and exceptionally tasteful.
The 5.5 liter V12 engine with 485 hp guarantee you extra goosebumps; because of the speed and the tune. Skilled drivers who manage to find every slot of the manual transmission smooth and fast, are able to get to the top speed of 323 km/h in a blink of an eye. The first part (100 km/h) has already been reached within 4.4 seconds. Besides the staggering performance, we kindly ask you to pay attention to small but magnificent ‘specialties’ like the sound of the gear shift being switched in the milled gear pattern with a nice click. You have been warned: once you go black…

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Leather interior