Ferrari 550

Ferrari 550

Factory Color
101.155 km

At the time Ferrari introduced the 550 Maranello back in 1996, a future classic sports car was born. The timeless, elegant body, designed by Pininfarina, makes the Maranello a true pleasure to look at. No matter in what age we live.


This Ferrari-red 550 with manual transmission, was made in 1997 and is exploring the Dutch roads since 2002. Official Ferrari dealer Kroymans maintained the two-seater GT. And did it with gusto. The Maranello has had only two owners in its 19 years of experience, and is confident that it will find number three soon...

Interior & exterior

The 550 Maranello is the kind of Ferrari you can drive every day and at any occasion. It's stylish, sophisticated, elegant and above all: sensationally beautiful.
Nevertheless, thanks to the traditional but striking color combination Rosso Corsa exterior with Nero leather interior, the majestic Gran Turismo unmistakably belongs to the brand with the Prancing Horse.
The gorgeous, leather / Alcantara upholstered Carbon sports seats are like the ultimate confirmation that there are real racing genes behind the charismatic appearance of the modest looking Maranello. The seats keep you in place and in control, whether you’re driving down the boulevard or you’re searching for the limit on the track, curve after curve.


After hearing the impressive sound of the powerful 5.5-liter V12 front engine, there is no doubt that this Ferrari is a genuine driving sensation for the public road.
The 485 horsepower makes it effortless accelerating the Maranello to terrifying high speeds. 0-100 km/h is done in only 4.3 seconds, while the top speed is a real staggering 323 km/h.
Operate the traditional manual gearbox with the characteristic gearshifts, and you’ll be treated by a nice metal “click". From that moment on everyone knows: this is Ferrari experience in its purest way!
Yet, as the 550 still is a thoroughbred GT, the emphasis is on comfort. So the Maranello is a wonderful travel companion, which - if necessary – pulverizes many hardcore sports cars when it comes to performance. Now that’s what we call a comfortable feeling, right?

Kind regards,
Prins Classics.

Airbag driver & passenger
Central locking
Electric operated front windows
Leather interior
Traction control