Ferrari 550

Ferrari 550

Factory Color
30.448 km

A chic gala evening, a tasteful castle dinner, a wedding on a royal estate, a visit to a fashionable seaside resort at the Mediterranean; just some examples of occasions where the classic beauty of this stunningly styled and superbly maintained Ferrari 550 Maranello would perfectly come to its own.


The 550 Maranello was the ultimate flagship of Ferrari in the late 90s. The powerful two-seater GT is a stylish appearance, recognizable by her graceful curves and timeless profile. Thanks to the elegant shape, drawn by Italian top designer Pininfarina, the Maranello is a first class born classic.
The magical (Mediterranean?) Sea blue bodywork on this particular copy gives additional deepness to the irresistible cachet of the characteristic charmer. This is a classy beauty in the purest sense of the word!


The aesthetic continues in the outrageously stylized, extremely tastefully interior. The combination of Nero with Beige leather is a true feast for the eyes. The gorgeously milled pattern of the manual gearbox - including an aluminum shift knob which shines proudly above the wide center tunnel, breathes nothing but sophistication and pure passion for craft.
Also note wonderful details like the chrome rims around the analog clocks in the instrument cluster and on the dashboard. Or how about the perforated aluminum sports pedals and brilliant Daytona Style sports seats? Once seated in this charismatic thoroughbred you'll never want anything else!

Engineering & Maintenance

With a powerful 5.5 liter (hence the name 550) V12 under the hood, there’s no doubt that the majestic Gran Turismo is capable of impressive performances. The 485 horsepower guarantees the 12-cylinder accelerates effortless to frighteningly high speeds. 0-100 km/h is already history after 4.3 seconds. The top speed is just as staggering: 323 km/h.
Hearing the sensational soundtrack produced by an unadulterated sports exhaust system, plus the presence of a conventional manual transmission causing a nice metal “click” when changing gear in the characteristic switching scenes, everyone knows: this is the genuine Ferrari experience!
Nevertheless, as befits a GT, the main focus is on driving comfort. This is why the 550 is an incredible sports car, giving you the driving pleasure you wish for, without getting tired of the show, no matter the place, occasion or duration of the trip. In short: the Maranello is a car that deserves and enforces maximum respect in a way like it’s her second nature. Who would not want that?
Bonus: the latest service dates from 2016, to make sure the driving pleasure runs flawless. Just as flawless as the overall condition of this dark blue gem. Will we see you soon?

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Climate control
Alarm system
Aluminum sportpedals
Electric front windows
Leather headliner
Leather interior
Sport exhaust