Ferrari 550

Ferrari 550

55.527 km

Only a few cars can match the charismatic appearance of the Ferrari 550 Maranello. Or perhaps even less than a few… The evidence is right in front of you. Just look how great the Italian horse shines. Are you ready to fall in love?


This incredibly beautiful car, poured in traditional Ferrari colors and equipped with a manual transmission, is exclusively offered on consignment. The current owner has bought his proud purchase from us in 2015. He’s the third owner of the Maranello. And it’s obvious all three have the same idea of how to deal with a car like this: very carefully...
The magnificent two-seater Gran Turismo is truly in superb condition seater and has always been in good hands. During the first three years the car spent its time on the German roads. Thereafter the Italian beauty moved to Sweden. Since 2001 the Ferrari has given the cold north some of its southern European warmth.


The Maranello is typically that kind of Ferrari you can drive every day and at any occasion. The GT is stylish, sophisticated, elegant and above all: stunningly beautiful. The gorgeous Rosso Corsa paintwork in combination with Rosso calipers, provides some extra fire and contrast between the great aesthetics and unadulterated sportiness of the 550.
At the time Ferrari introduced the Maranello back in 1996, everyone already knew that the empire of classic cars someday would be accompanied by this Italian thoroughbred. The timeless, fine lines produced by Pininfarina, make the Ferrari a born classic. Exactly 20 years later the day finally has come that we can put the 550 under our Classics range. With pleasure!


Take a seat in the Ferrari and the special feeling actually gets even more intense. Mainly due to the presence of carbon fiber sports seats finished with beige leather. They enclose your body perfect, like a comfortable sitting harness. Perfect is also the view on the extreme good-looking dashboard of the 550. Here you’ll find Nero leather, an impressive range of distinctive analog clocks equipped with a chrome frame and air vents with a similar finish. This car breaths nothing but cachet and has an irresistible load of temperament.

Technique & performance

But not only the leather interior and fire red lacquer implies sensation. The mighty 5.5-liter V12 in the front features true racing genes. With its 485 horsepower, the Maranello accelerates to terrifying high speeds before you even know it. 0-100 km/h only takes 4.3 seconds. The top speed is a staggering 323 km/h. The goosebumps-inducing roar coming from the exhausts confirms that this is a car to take very, very serious…
Add to this the traditional manual gearbox, with its characteristic pattern and charismatic "click" when you change gear, and everyone knows: this is Ferrari experience in the purest sense of the word! Would you like to experience it yourself? You are welcome to visit our Classics showroom in the Netherlands!

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Airbag driver & passenger
Central locking
Electric front windows
Leather interior
Traction control