Ferrari 550

Ferrari 550

Factory Color
103.035 km

Ferrari 550 Maranello

What if you have no feel for cars at all. Well, that’s a total loss. Because that means that an Italian masterpiece like this doesn’t move you too. Yeah, right. No one can resist the eternal charms of a magical Ferrari 550 Maranello! Take this one for example, remaining in perfect condition; from the outside, inside and technical as well. No heavy emotions yet? Wait until you identify the characteristic click of the manual gear shift sliding through the magnificent milled slots of the aluminum H-pattern, while hearing the V12 roaring in front of you. Yes, do we have your attention now?


You might expect a jet-black thoroughbred in a place where sunshine is no daily standard. But here’s the fact: the 550 Maranello on your screen started its driving career in Portugal. Porto, to be precise. The picturesque port city apparently was kind of attached to the Ferrari; until 2015, the two were inseparable. Until a Dutch fan discovered the southern European residence of the Maranello. The man fell in love immediately and moved the Italian beauty to his native country. The best decision ever... Major service in 2018 - including a new timing belt (confirmed by the documentation + invoices), and thoroughly car detailing polished up the black horse like no other. So did our expectations after seeing the result.


The body paint treatment obviously did the 550 well. You wouldn’t say that you’re looking at a 21 year old car here, now do you? Although the timeless design underneath the Nero Daytona lacquer naturally does a lot too. Again Pininfarina did something what others couldn’t manage: designing a 2-seater speed demon and mixing hardcore supercar looks with the stylish appearance of a real GT. Power united with elegance. Yes, he made it work. Again.
Thanks to the ultra dark outfit, various stunning style elements such as the classic 5-spoke rims and 4 chrome exhaust pipes, get some extra attention. Other details, including the distinctive air intake in the bonnet and behind the front wheels, look more integrated and accentuate the distinguished character of this grand Ferrari.

Interior & technique

Inside you’ll also find a lot of distinction, just as much as there’s contrast. The beige/black leather interior is tasteful like the world’s most delicious pasta with black olives. The upholstery is truly spotless; if you didn’t know any better, you would think your predecessor standard used gloves and seat covers. Other parts, such as the chromed gear shift, shine like they came straight from the factory. The gorgeous switches, aluminum sports pedals and chrome-rimmed analogue instruments all evoke the same feeling: it’s time to wake up the 5.5-liter V12 in front! Because that’s the moment you’ll be capable to accelerate from 0-100 km/h within 4.4 seconds and achieve a top speed of 323 km/h. Do you like to take it slow instead? No worries: the sound of the 485 hp 12-cylinder guarantees an experience as magical as someone who finally admits to love cars anyway...

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Climate control
Electric adjustable front seat
Leather interior