Ferrari 550

Ferrari 550

Factory Color
67.559 km

Ferrari 550 Maranello

Seeing this gorgeous Ferrari 550 Maranello with manual transmission back again, let us smile like a kid getting his first toy car. The Maranello is born to be a classic and its comeback at Prins couldn’t be more gracefully. The bright red thoroughbred GT has been neatly (dealer) maintained and comes complete with numerous original Ferrari accessories. Including dust cover, tool and tire repair kit, a trickle charger and - very important - all documentation stored in the original leather Ferrari cover!


Checking the full history of this stunning Ferrari 550 is like reading a good book. The Prancing Horse was first delivered in 1996 at the Ferrari dealer in Barcelona. In 2015 we came into contact with a Spanish car collector, offering some really unique classics . That also included this Rosso Corsa 550 Maranello from the 1st owner. Shortly after our discovery, the Ferrari came into Prins hands and was shipped to the Netherlands. We gave it thorough maintenance and sold the car to a Belgian enthusiast: the former owner. 5 years later the Italian beauty is back at its Prins roots!
In the period 2015 to date, all the technical services were perfectly carried out by our colleagues from Ferrari Maserati Antwerp (FMA). Invoices are included; they confirm the car has been handled with lots of care. The interior was even upgraded!

Interior & exterior

That "upgrade" contains the leather-covered luggage deck. Including super chic Diamond Stitch! The 550 features traditional Ferrari colors: Rosso Corsa exterior paint in combination with a beige leather interior upholstery. Sporty and tastefully at the same time! The top of the dashboard has a Nero leather finish, which provides a wonderful contrast.
Also striking inside the Italian grand tourer are of course the aluminum parts in the tunnel console, with beautifully milled shift wings including classic H-pattern and a characteristic gear lever with a round knob. Perforated sport pedals and a chrome finish around the analogue clocks breathe Ferrari 90s. The A-pillars are black and the headliner is made of beige leather. This is what we call “the beauty of perfection”!


The Ferrari 550 Maranello has a one-of-a-kind design: timeless without being sober. After all, the stretched 2-seater contains a lot exciting details, while famous designer Pininfarina deliberately kept the basic contours tight. The Ferrari 550 is a stunning and fast GT with supercar characteristics. The car shows it’s a real boss in comparison with modern sports cars, thanks to the elegant looks and thrilling subtleties. 24 years after its introduction, we know for sure: the Maranello is a real masterpiece!

Technique & performance

The drivetrain is also masterly: underneath the long hood you’ll find a true treasure called Ferrari V12. The 12-cylinder produces 485 prancing horses. No turbo’s needed. The 5.5 liter engine is all natural. So now you know what the model name is based on…
The classic 550 Maranello shows modern numbers: accelerating from 0-100 km/h only takes 4.3 seconds and the top speed of 323 km/h still is exceptional by current standards. It means this Ferrari is actually a super-GT. What about the driving experience? No way a new car can match this kind of feeling. Talking about good investments…

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Airbag driver
Airbag passenger
Central locking
Electric front windows
Leather interior