Ferrari Dino

Ferrari Dino

246 GTS , Daytona Flairs and Chairs
Factory Color
49.550 km

A sublime restored Ferrari Dino 246 GTS, poured in the original Ferrari brand color! This incredibly beautiful car (chassis number 05870) is equipped with all the available factory options at that time, including the Daytona Chairs and Flares. Experts claim that there are only 30 copies sold like this one in Europe...


The history of this specific Dino is at least as impressive as the car itself. It all started back in 1973, when the 246 GTS was delivered new in San Marino, Italy. Around 1980 the Ferrari became Swiss property. The Prancing Horse was part of a collection until late 90s. During that period the Dino was barely driven.
In 1998 the collection was bought by Vincenzo Scandurra, who lived in a northern Italian town called Vigevano. Consequently the Ferrari returned to the country of its origin, where Scandurra provided the Dino with Italian license plates. One year later, in 1999, the classic two-seater found its way to the former, Dutch owner.


The car turned out being in very good hands: in 2004 and 2005, a comprehensive restoration of the bodywork was realized by renowned specialists Harry Frens and Italauto. Followed by an overhaul of the engine and transmission in 2011, which was also conducted by the professionals of Italauto. Special Ferrari test devices are responsible for the run in of the overhauled engine and transmission.


Carried out with stunning Giallo Modena lacquer, no one can stand the phenomenal presence of this unique thoroughbred. The Dino 246 GTS is characterized by series of tasteful and thoughtful finishing touches. Especially the combination with contrasting Nero leather interior, the Italian beauty looks mythical. Rightfully an extremely popular classic!


Who thinks he or she can resist the huge temptation anyway, will be surprised by the great variety of highly desirable options. Such as Ferrari Daytona Chairs and Flares, consisting gorgeous "Daytona" sports seats and flamboyant fender extenders, which strengthens the astonishing charisma of the Dino in a very suitable way.
This naturally asks for matching wheels: the wider 7,5J Campagnolo wheels (5 pieces, including one full-size spare wheel) exactly know how to fill up the larger spaces in the wheel arches in style. A climate control and electric windows complete the luxurious and rare level of equipment of the classy Ferrari.

Model background

The Dino models are a tribute by founder Enzo Ferrari to his tragically died son Alfredo “Dino” Ferrari. Originally the name Dino was exclusively intended for the compact aluminum 2.0-liter V6 Ferrari engines, mainly used in Formula 2 cars from the Scuderia. However, rule changes in '64 prescribed that Formula 2 engines had to come from a production run of at least 500 pieces. This drastic adjustment resulted in a cooperation between Ferrari and Fiat. To meet the new regulations, Fiat launched a new model - listening to the name Dino - containing the Ferrari 6-cylinder which was developed by Enzo's son himself.
In 1967 Ferrari decided to build an own version of the Dino as answer to the more affordable Porsche 911. At first the 206 GT was launched in '68, followed by a more powerful version in '69: the 246 GT with a 2.4 liter V6. The convertible was introduced in '71 as “GTS”, known for its removable targa top.
This extraordinarily wonderful Dino 246 GTS revives ancient times. Are you ready to add a new chapter to the legendary story behind this magical yellow horse? You are welcome to visit our showroom in the Netherlands!

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Electric operated front windows
Leather furnishing
Alloy wheels