Ferrari F355

Ferrari F355

Factory Color
53.757 km

Red: it’s the color of passion and emotion, fire and desire, energy and strength. Red is also this stunning 1997 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta with manual gearbox; in terms of color, but also in character. As red as your blood running through your veins rapidly, after seeing, hearing and feeling the genuine Italian beauty in real life.

Interior & exterior

22 years after the introduction of this elegant model, we dare to make the statement that the F355 is one of the finest street-legal production cars in automotive history. The Berlinetta coach is like it has invented the concept of "timeless." Perhaps the strict two-seater coupé is the most brilliant masterpiece that top designer Pininfarina has ever created.
Particularly in the famous color combination Rosso Corsa exterior with beige leather interior, the typical Ferrari feeling is just outstanding. The elegant front, the wide rear end, the beautifully styled sides with aesthetically shaped air intakes; it all comes together perfectly. Especially in Ferrari red.
Once you go in, it’s like a childhood dream coming true. The light brown interior is exactly like you imagined all these years. The F355 is a youth sentiment. An icon. The aluminum gearbox shift flaunts above the wide tunnel console. The round, deep-set instruments breathe pure nostalgia, while the three aluminum pedals shout to be floored. The Castoro carpets really know how to finish the tasteful, almost Spartan interior of the Berlinetta in style.


And it’s even getting better after starting the engine. You will be blown away by the power of eight cylinders in V-shape. Under the hood sounds real Italian magic. The noise of 380 hp is almost as legendary as the model itself, since the ‘orchestra sinfonia in rosso’ has an addictive effect on all your senses.
Accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h only takes about 4.7 seconds. The 3.5-liter eight-cylinder stops speeding up by almost reaching the magical 300 km/h. But the best part is how you get there: with unadulterated Ferrari soul all over the place!


This magnificent F355 Berlinetta truly is something special. It’s a proper classic sports car of the present and the future. All the documentation is included. And moreover: it will steal your heart in a heartbeat. So, time to grab the wheel. Looking forward seeing you soon at our showroom in the Netherlands!

Kind regards,
Prins Classics.

Leather furnishing
Alloy wheels