Ferrari F355

Ferrari F355

Factory Color
76.789 km

Ferrari F355 Berlinetta

Looking at this excellent Ferrari F355 Berlinetta, we all just have to love Blue Mondays. No, let’s hope, from now on, every day is a Blue Monday!
So beautiful, so tight, so unique ... This original Dutch thoroughbred, is one of the best things the Italians have made. Ever. Add to this the fact that the Ferrari has been perfectly maintained through the years (all documents are included), and you know you’re looking at a winning lottery ticket.
At Prins Classics in the Netherlands shines an incredible dose of pure Ferrari passion. Blue Ferrari passion. The kind of passion you don’t want to miss! Are you on your way already?


The Blu Tour de France paint almost literally explodes of your screen. But we can guarantee you: live this F355 is even more impressive! In the shadow the blue body looks understated and elegant. Once the sun has found the Ferrari, the modest dark complexion gives place to a bright blue glow. In no time this magnificent Berlinetta is being transformed into a veritable eye-catcher! Yes, we do understand why Blu Tour de France is still available on new Ferrari’s…
Except from the original color scene, the F355 has a Challenge grille at the rear end of the car, just behind the engine, which highlights the sporty character of the two-seater. Furthermore, this “blue danger” on wheels is in absolute immaculate condition. And this, of course, emphasizes the mesmerizing beauty which the Ferrari features. Just wow!


The tasteful interior is dressed as well to make your mouth water. Here you’ll find stunning Blu Navy leather. A unique combination! Just like the extraordinary exterior, the interior is in impeccable shape. Considering the fact that many F355’s have visible signs of use on various panels, this really is something unique. Of all the Berlinetta’s that were made, we can assure you, none of them will be like this particular one…
Each component is just as flawless and fine as when she rolled out the Italian factory back in 1998. The climate panel, the air vents and even the electric window function; the inside of this piece of blue magic almost seems like it’s untouched! Also, the integrated radio / cassette is completely original. A Prancing Horse like it should be!

Design & technique

The F355 is the kind of Ferrari which seems to become more beautiful year after year. The model already was very popular when she was introduced in 1994. Still, the number of supporters of her flamboyant design grows every year. In fact, in 2016 the F355 has been considered as one of the most successful creations ever made. True timeless art in the purest meaning of the word. It’s not a machine, it’s a driving legend!

Speaking of which, the sound of 380 trampling horses getting released behind you, is almost as legendary as the model itself. The 3.5-liter Ferrari V8 truly has an addictive effect on all your senses. Accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h only takes about 4.7 seconds and the magical 300 km/h is reachable. But the best part is how you get there…
So, time to grab the wheel! Looking forward seeing you soon at our Classics showroom in the Netherlands. Is it Blue Monday already?

Kind regards,
Prins Classics.

Challenge grille
Leather furnishing
Leather dashboard
Leather door panels