Ferrari F355

Ferrari F355

Factory Color
53.597 km

Ferrari F355 Berlinetta

Bella Berlinetta. If you’re looking for perfection in terms of beauty, than this Ferrari F355 Berlinetta including manual transmission should be on top of your ‘to have’ list. Why? It’s simple: the longer you set eyes on her, the more you’ll fall in love.


As the originality and condition of this stunningly beautiful Ferrari suggests, the car has been in possession of genuine fans only. Full documentation is included. This is also where you can see that the latest maintenance service has been recently covered.
Since 2015, the Berlinetta has had one Dutch owner. A specialist decided to take the 90s supercar to the Netherlands. Referring to the sensationally splendor, we are still grateful to the person who’s responsible for that. And since the greatest works of art are made in Italy, you probably can guess the location where this fire-red F355 was delivered new with your eyes closed...


The fiery Rosso Corsa lacquer shines like a winning Prancing Horse in its glory years. The flamboyant color decorates the gorgeous Ferrari coachwork in a way that many modern supercars can only dream about. However, don’t be misled, because this paintwork is just as old and original as the model itself. A nice surprise for a surprisingly beautiful Ferrari.
To be honest, it’s hard to find a color that doesn’t suit the brilliant aesthetics of the Berlinetta. The proportions, the lines, the details; everything has been thought through. That’s exactly why it’s a youth sentiment for many. The design is perfectly balanced, no matter the angle you’re viewing the F355. And perhaps even more important: it completely matches the unique driving experience where the 90s icon is known for.


But for that, of course, you first have to take position behind the wheel. Fortunately, the fun doesn’t stop there. The Nero leather interior may be modest in comparison with the striking Rosso Corsa exterior, it certainly knows how to impress. For example, behold the minimalistic instruments with its classy round gauge meters in subtle tubes, rimmed with a thin chrome line. Not to mention the beautifully milled aluminum switch with traditional H-pattern and a gear shift that can be labeled as art. A combination that belongs in a museum. Or even better: in your garage.

Technology & performance

Speaking of art: behind the front seats lies a real masterpiece. The 3.5 liter atmospheric Ferrari V8 excels in sound and performance. Within 4.7 seconds you’ve reached the 100 km/h from standstill. The top speed is close to the magical 300 km/h. However, that’s not where you will get the classic Ferrari feeling. To experience that, you have to accelerate as fast and as much as you can. And don’t even think about bypassing a tunnel, if you know what we mean...

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