Ferrari F355

Ferrari F355

Spider | Manual | Dutch delivered
Factory Color
43.227 km

Ferrari F355 Spider

Attention to all unadulterated Ferrari fans please: do you really think a Maranello product should be red? Then this sensational beautiful, originally Dutch delivered F355 Spider is the kind of car that makes your dreams come true! Everything about this perfectly maintained (by the official brand dealership) Ferrari is pure, not only the colors.
For example, the 8-cylinder is not supported by turbo’s or superchargers. And the gearbox… Yes, it’s manual! Okay, it’s not like you will ever hear the gear shift characteristically “clicking” through the gorgeous milled gear pattern when the Ferrari V8 is fully accelerating, but the whole idea of driving an authentic, traditional and pure Ferrari, is all that it takes to drive you completely crazy. And maybe even more than that…

Exterior & design

Add some red sauce to a bella macchina from Italia and it definitely looks good. Yes and no. Because without a brilliant design, the looks never will be too. Fortunately, Pininfarina was involved when the F355 took shape. The Italian artist used predecessor 348 as a basis and gave it some modern vibes. This operation became historical, because 25 years after the introduction of the model, the Spider (and also the Berlinetta!) still looks ridiculously good.
The Rosso Corsa bodywork of this amazing cool car is also in excellent condition, so the appearance is even more overwhelming than the "average" bright red F355. Like there is an average one… The great thing about the Spider is that an extra (open) dimension is added to the 90s supercar, without spoiling the insanely beautiful design of the coupe version. Proportions, curves, air intakes and other details; everything is in great shape and harmony. This also includes the black soft-top, which is perfect in how it looks, as well as how it functions.

Interior & upholstery

Inside the Ferrari F355 Spider there are no surprises, apart from the spotless condition. The Nero leather upholstery seems to have hardly been used. Looking at the low mileage, that’s also the case. The spartan design will appeal purists for sure. No excessive accessories, but just excellent seats and a perfect view on a clear dashboard with magnificent chrome-rimmed analog clocks. The aluminum gear shift makes us very happy too; it shines beautifully, but more importantly: it’s right in the center of a traditional H-pattern with milled slots. Time to drive!

Technique & performance

The 3.5-liter non-turbo Ferrari V8 screams like a proper 00s F1 car when the (aluminum) gas pedal is being floored. The people inside the car will too, by the way ... 380 horsepower, 0-100 km/h within 4.7 seconds and a top speed of 295 km/h are still impressive numbers. However, it’s the way in which the F355 moves you that really gives goose bumps. Every musician can go home when the Spider makes its presence loud and clear. In short, this Ferrari sounds just the way it looks: how it should!

Kind regards,
Prins Classics