Ferrari F355

Ferrari F355

Spider | One owner | Low mileage
Factory Color
32.054 km

Ferrari F355 Spider

A Giallo Modena Ferrari F355 Spider is unique you say? True, but this specific one has had only 1 owner and is perfectly serviced as well! No more than 32,054 kilometers were driven in 24 years… And yes, it does tell a lot about the current, excellent condition of the car.
Extra striking is the choice to combine the yellow lacquer with leather upholstery and a soft-top in dark blue. It makes this F355 an absolute rarity and gives it also an exceptionally gorgeous appearance. Now the Spider is even more exciting than it already was!


Ferrari dealer Francorchamps in Belgium had the honor to put the yellow F355 Spider on the public road for the very first time in May 1996. The (we assume very happy) Belgian buyer apparently didn’t need to go unseen through traffic. And why should he? After all, the F355 Spider is a spectacular work of art. In fact, it’s impossible not to look at it, so the Giallo Modena color “only” gives you an extra reason to look over your shoulder when it passes.
All documentation is included and the maintenance history can also be clarified within detail. The last service dates from 2017 and included replacement of the timing belt. It’s clear that the open supercar comes from a real fan. Even the car phone wasn’t left to chance…


The yellow glow on this Spider fits the Ferrari outstandingly well. After all, every F355 has a distinctive character from its own. The many beautiful details make this classic the legend and a myth what Ferrari stands for, just like the Testarossa. Only the F355 is more graceful than the 80s model; the perfect example of Italian refinement. In short, you’re looking at a real masterpiece. And in Giallo Modena we love it even more! Surprisingly the roof isn’t Nero, but Blu. That’s why the contrast a lot softer and friendlier; something that has been well thought out!


What has also been well thought out is the interior decoration. The steering wheel is finished with Nero leather, but the other leather parts have a Blu Scuro tint. By this we mean the electrically adjustable seats, the dashboard and the tunnel console. Even the cover of the electric rooftop is Blu Scuro! Bella…
Just like the soft-top, the floor mats are beautiful covered in Blu. Very chic. Other parts that correspond to each other are the aluminum sports pedals and ditto gear knob + the milled H-pattern of the manual transmission. Even more rare is the ashtray with the same aluminum finish. Not to mention the original Nokia car phone… We bet there’s only one in the whole wide world that was sprayed in Giallo Modena on customers’ request!

Technique & performance

A convertible with Climate Control wasn’t quite standard of course back in the 90s. But this Ferrari has it (just like an alarm system). A little extra cooling doesn't hurt once you understand there’s a 3.5 liter 8-cylinder behind the front seats. The naturally aspirated Ferrari V8 sends 385 horsepower to the rear wheels. A top speed of 297 km/h and accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 4.7 seconds is possible. The only thing you have to do is move the gear shift with the right feel through the characteristic shift wings. What an experience! Perhaps the most addictive thing about this Ferrari however, is the sound of the 355. What can we say: we’re so glad the roof can be removed...

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Alarm system
Leather furnishing
Leather dashboard
Leather door panels
Leather console