Ferrari F355

Ferrari F355

Factory Color
15.250 km

A real Ferrari doesn’t need bright red bodywork to call emotions and force respect. The proof shines on your screen: a dazzlingly beautiful F355 Spider with a timeless Argento Nürburgring paint scheme and a manual transmission. True Italian perfection, which we can’t keep our eyes of! But why bother anyway?

Interior & exterior

The combination with the fancy blue roof is what makes this Prancing Horse even more unique. And also with the roof open, it’s a great enjoyment to watch the Spider, thanks to the extremely stylish interior, containing Blu Navy leather upholstery on the seats, center console and bottom panel. A composition which is very original and might even be experienced as courageously at first sight, but once you look at the result it will be considered “extremely logical”. It is that successful!
While the silver body gives you the impression of being on the road with a car that is designed recently, the blue finish gives some extra flavor to the delightful lines of the F355. The gold-colored brake calipers behind the distinctive five-spoke alloy wheels are like a beautiful reflection of the feeling that the Spider evokes being a real "winner" when it comes to design and elegance. You see, after 18 years of “coloring” the streets, this car still knows how to twist necks convincingly.


The phenomenal appearance of this Ferrari fits perfectly with the intense experience we have by hearing and feeling the 3.5 liter naturally aspirated eight-cylinder in V-configuration, with a maximum output of 380 hp. Feel the strength in your left leg, while lowering the heavy aluminum clutch towards the blue carpet. Guide the artistic aluminum gearshift with the right feeling and great precision through the slots of the luminous shift pattern, and the enjoyment actually will be peaking.
While time seems to have stood behind the Nero leather steering wheel of the F355, the outside area is not. Within 4.7 seconds you’ve reached the 100 km/h. A few clicks on through the magnificent milled switch, the odometer reaches speeds above 295 km/h. All this accompanied by a loud, characteristic and uplifting sound coming from the four exhausts under the broad rear of the F355. Powered by a band called “Ferrari V8”!

Model background

The F355 is a typical Ferrari that seems to become more desirable every year. The model already was very popular when it was launched back it 1994, the number of supporters of its flamboyant design is even greater in 2016. In fact, nowadays the F355 is considered as one of the finest creations in automotive ever. In particular the 'open' Spider version: it remains stealing the hearts of many fans. A pure race horse from the category "eternal beauty". Experience shows what this means for the future pricing of cars of this rare caliber...
Do you think you are the most ideal candidate for this perfect sports car; the classic of the present and the future? Then we’d like to welcome you in our showroom in the Netherlands, where you’ll find 100% Ferrari emotion. Not in bright red, but in timeless Argento Nürburgring.

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Leather furnishing
Leather dashboard
Leather door panels
Leather console
Electrically operated convertible top
Radio/CD player