Ferrari F355

Ferrari F355

76.894 km

Ferrari F355 Spider

Ask a 35 year old Ferrari fan about one of his favorite Italian made sports cars and the F355 will be mentioned 100%. After all, this legend on wheels is a young boy’s best memory. The F355 used to decorate teenagers walls, mostly as a Berlinetta in Ferrari red. However, time has changed... Because we offer this commissioned-by-client-car as a Spider, poured in super chic dark blue. Ripped from the wall, put on the street in 1:1 scale. Now that’s exactly how dreams should come true after 25 years!


Not Italy or the Netherlands, but Germany was the first to enjoy this fast beauty. The F355 Spider is newly delivered on April 1996, and got Dutch plates in 2001. After that the Ferrari has been able to make 2 Dutchmen very happy. Probably many more have enjoyed the car from the outside (the looks, the sound, just wow), but they weren’t owners. The last major service dates from 2018 and included the replacement of the timing belt.


Let's face it: after all these years your taste may have changed a little bit. You’ve never stood still and constantly fitted your desires to the changes in your personal life. That F355 coupé design on the good old posters is still great, but nowadays you know that the Spider has an extra (open) dimension when it comes to pure driving experience. In addition, red is really Ferrari. But some distinction won’t hurt on your age. In fact, Blu Swaters is the new color you dream of! After all, the contrast with the natural supercar design is absolutely magical.
Because naturally the love for the timeless Pininfarina bodywork remains always. The sexy curves, the artistic air intakes, the pop-up headlights; the F355 is a boy's dream. Period. We just want to kiss it, it’s that beautiful. Probably the car itself has once kissed something as well, referring to the lacquer on the front left, which isn’t entirely original. Fortunately the rest of the car is (original). Also good to know is that it can stay original too, because the overall condition is very neat...

Interior & technique

The Nero leather interior has an important role in the decent shape of the car: the cockpit truly is gorgeous. Entering is like stepping into a world full of nostalgia. With chrome-rimmed instruments, aluminum sports pedals and, of course, the characteristic gear lever including a traditionally milled H pattern. Indeed, a manual gearbox!
By our calculation the Ferrari F355 has a 3.5 atmospheric V8 with 380 hp + an open roof + a manual transmission = 100% Ferrari feeling! This is a one of a kind supercar. Accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h only takes 4.7 seconds and the official top speed of 295 km/h tells us the 300 can be hit with some tailwind down the hill. So, when are planning to make your dream(-car) come true?

Kind regards,
Prins Classics