Ferrari Mondial

Ferrari Mondial

3.2 Cabriolet | Top condition!
Factory Color
69.601 km

Ferrari Mondial 3.2 Cabriolet.

Sometimes you come across something so beautiful and so good, it doesn’t matter where it came from. What do we mean by that? This 1986 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 Cabriolet has all the beauty of the world – on the inside, outside and underneath as well. But who were the lucky ones to possess it? We don’t know. However, what we do know is that the overall condition speaks for itself: the black beauty must have been handled with the best care! To be totally honest with you: in all those years, we’ve never driven such a well-running Mondial before at Prins. Especially a Cabriolet. Just wow!


Fans dream of possessing a Ferrari, but a Ferrari dreams of starting the first chapter of its lifecycle in Italy: the country where passion results in moving works of art and unique automobiles like the Mondial. This Mondial Cabriolet was lucky to start its career in Milan, the city of fashion. That can hardly be a coincidence… It’s a bonus that this was also the place where the Ferrari was maintained until 2010; just perfect. Five years later, the Italian bella moved to the Netherlands, where it got major service in 2018 at Ferrari Dealer Kroymans in Hilversum. Including new timing belt. The service booklets are complete and fully stamped. The original spare wheel and tools are included too!


Leonardo Fioravanti had the great honor sketching the Ferrari Mondial while being employed by design master Pininfarina. At the beginning of the new millennium, the model missed the popularity that’s necessary to skyrocket prices of a classic car. On the other hand, the Mondial remained affordable. The lack of popularity is completely unjustified though: the Ferrari V8-powered 2+2 combines the pure driving sensation of a sports car with the comfort of a GT, which immediately explains the Mondial's unorthodox configuration. The Ferrari Mondial has a unique appearance due to the 4-seater setup with the engine in the back. There was just enough room for some modest air intakes, because the C-pillar had to remain clear for the rear passengers’ view. In our opinion, the characteristic Pininfarina design comes into its own perfectly in combination with the Nero paintwork. The jet black lacquer makes the bodywork visually more compact and elegant. What also helps, of course, is the fact that the condition is absolutely spotless. What a beauty!


Luckily for fans like us, it’s not just all external splendor. On the inside you’ll find beige leather upholstery: the original purchaser at Milan couldn’t have made a better choice! Especially with the roof down, the Ferrari Mondial looks ultra-chic. Furthermore, the Mondial Cabriolet is characterized by a sleek dashboard with angular shapes, a wide tunnel console and beautiful thin 3-spoke steering wheel. This is how we like to see an 80s Ferrari! The aluminum gear lever reveals that as a driver of this 2+2 Convertible, you still have some work to do. No reason to complain though…

Technique & performance

As mentioned, Ferrari provided its 4-seater with an 8-cylinder in the back with a volume of 3.2 liters. The original version, the Mondial 8, had to settle for a 2.9 liter Ferrari V8. The same goes for the faster Quattrovalvole ("QV" in short) including 4 valves per cylinder. An impressive name, but it couldn’t match the performance of this 3.2 with 270 hp compared to the 235 of the QV and 214 of the Mondial 8. The Prins version needs a little more than 6 seconds to be launched from 0 to 100 km/h. A solid performance. However, the way in which the classic Ferrari is able to do these things makes the real difference. The sound, the shifting through the beautifully milled shift wings, the overall speed sensation… Watch out, we just might keep this one for ourselves if you don’t decide fast.

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