Ferrari Mondial

Ferrari Mondial

Cabriolet Quattrovavole | well maintained
Factory Color
55.132 km

Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole Cabriolet

A Ferrari for the connoisseurs: only 629 of the Mondial Quattrovalvole Cabriolet have been built! Less than any other Ferrari Mondial. In addition, the combination of lacquer and upholstery is very rare on this specific model. And the overall condition turns out to be good as well...
The great shape is no coincidence: the QV Cabrio has had superb service recently in 2019. So that makes the car absolutely unique in every way. Anyone who’s ever dreamed of a classic Ferrari, finds an extra reason to make his or her dream come true real fast. Why wait if this gorgeous Ferrari Mondial QV is offered right here, right now by its current owner? A consignment car which we love to present!


It’s July 1984 when the extraordinary Mondial Cabriolet is delivered to its 1st owner. Delivery takes place in the USA. 10 years later, the Ferrari once again crosses the Atlantic. The return to Europe 25 years ago was organized by Ferrari Francorchamps in Belgium. And fortunately for us, the Mondial didn’t reach far from its new home ever since.
The current owner has been in possession of the QV Cabriolet for no less than 14 years. For some good reasons: apart from the fact that this specific model is highly exclusive, it’s also one of the most undervalued Ferraris ever. Whoever had the luxury to drive a Mondial sometime, knows what we’re talking about. In this special case, the classic is perfectly overhauled. Which benefits the unique driving experience even more...

Interior & exterior

The Mondial has an original appearance. In the first place, because of its original configuration: a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive 4-seater. In the Cabriolet, the 2+2 setup is even more unique. Fore sure, that’s how it looks. To give the V8 in the back the space it needs, the seats are placed relatively far forward. Large air intakes on both sides, at the height of the rear passengers, make sure the 8-cylinder cools down and gets enough oxygen.
Automobile artist Pininfarina is responsible for the design. His ultimate challenge was to bring every part together: room for 4, transversely placed V8 behind and recognizable Ferrari looks too. Especially the backside, with two sets of double round rear lights, is a typical Ferrari feature. The sleek Argento Ferrari paintwork emphasizes the timeless design of the Italian. While the two-tone interior with super chic Cuoio and Blu Navy leather upholstery reflect a really fine taste. The fabric rooftop has the same dark blue color, making it an extremely elegant car.


The Mondial Quattrovalvole owes its name (QV) to the upgraded technology. The 1st generation Mondial had 2 valves per cylinder, in this version that number was doubled to 4. The total output of the 3.0 liter V8 increased from 214 to 240 hp. And the engine noise? That’s brilliant as always! Especially with the soft-top open... So what are you waiting for?

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