Ferrari Mondial

Ferrari Mondial

T Cabriolet
Factory Color
62.974 km

Absolutely unique: a Ferrari Convertible with four seats and a rear engine! Of course that can only be one: the Mondial. In this case the latest generation, known as Mondial T.
But the story gets even better: this fire red copy has a relatively low mileage (62.974 kilometers) and is in really great condition! Add to this the fact that the 80s/90s Ferrari increases in popularity among enthusiasts, and you know this is an opportunity you don’t want to lose!


In the early years this Italian sports car brightened up the streets of Germany. On January 16, 1991 the Convertible was delivered new in Berlin by Ferrari dealer Mellin. According to our data, the Mondial T has had only two former owners. The last service was carried out in the Netherlands, at a mileage of 62.151. At that time, the timing belt was also replaced. The technical condition of the 3.4-liter V8-powered blood horse is exceptionally good. All documentation is included, the servicing is stamped and even various invoices are present. A classic Ferrari as it should be!


The Mondial and Mondial T are known for their distinctive, angular appearance and elongated body. Previously, the model was considered by many as one of the least exuberantly designed Ferrari’s. Since the brand wanted a 2+2 configuration in combination with a mid-mounted engine right behind the rear seats, designer Pininfarina actually had no choice. Indeed, the car couldn’t be oversized, so the requirements asked for a functional structure.
Therefore, the angular lines have - except the fact it’s typical 80s style - a practical reason. The bodywork of the Mondial is very clean and has very little frills, especially for a Ferrari. It gives the Mondial an understated, timeless appearance. Perhaps the most striking is its cab-forward design, as a result of the characteristic setup. The T version is the latest evolution of the Mondial, and is also seen as the beginning of a whole new generation Ferrari V8 models. With its body-colored bumpers and door handles, new front grille and modestly styled air intakes on the sides, it’s easy to distinguish the Mondial T from its predecessors.

Exterior & interior

Poured in traditional Ferrari red, the Mondial T Convertible is unmistakably a real Ferrari. The Rosso Corsa paintwork of this copy is not the original factory lacquer; the bodywork has been completely repainted. However, it has been done very neat and with much attention to detail. You will not find any imperfections on the Mondial T body. That’s a promise we make easily!
Meanwhile, the remarkably uncluttered interior is completely original. And perhaps even more important: just like the exterior and technical part, it’s in magnificent shape! The Nero leather upholstery, the controls on the center and tunnel console; everything looks incredibly decent and pure. Truly unique!
Naturally, this asks for an exclusive, first acquaintance in “real-life”. Will we see you soon in the Netherlands?

Kind regards,
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Climate control
Electric operated rear windows
Electric operated front windows
Adjustable dampers
Leather furnishing
Leather dashboard
Leather door panels
Alloy wheels