Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa

| 10.843km | top condition | Dutch delivered
Factory Color
10.843 km

Ferrari Testarossa

We classic car fans like the smell of pure petrol, we love the sound of untamed horsepower and we dream about uncompromising driving experiences. But sometimes watching is all that it takes to get the satisfaction you need. That was exactly how the former (2nd!) owner of this stunningly beautiful, original Dutch (by Kroymans) delivered 1990 Ferrari Testarossa felt it.


Since 1996, the man settled with a few Sunday drives on a beautiful summer day. That’s about it. Now why would a classic Ferrari owner do something like that? It’s simple: he just loved watching her. He found the Testarossa that beautiful, that having a quick look at his Italian pride was enough to be happy for the rest of the day. We can fully understand why.
After 28 years, the Prancing Horse got no further than only 10,843 kilometers. Knowing that the original owner drove 7,600 kilometers with his Ferrari during the first 6 years, makes the low mileage even more striking.


Besides the history and mileage, there are several other reasons to become greedy for this Testarossa. For example, the overall condition is jealous making perfect. The Rosso Corsa paintwork is absolutely gorgeous and the Nero leather interior looks as good as new. Not to mention the equipment: even the original Becker radio / cassette player and tool kit are included.
Furthermore, the maintenance history is demonstrable. The documents declare that all work has been perfectly done by a reputable Ferrari specialist. The last service dates from September 2015. That’s also when the timing belt has been replaced. At that time, the Ferrari had driven 10,806 kilometers. Can you imagine, that’s less than 40 (!) kilometers ago…


For many, the Testarossa is a true legend. Design features like the broad shoulders, enormous air intakes at the sides with aerodynamical slats in the doors, as well as the folding headlamps with double round light units and black bars on the rear lights and air grille, will bring back some special memories.
The fame around the characteristic two-seater reached a climax when the car got a solid role in the immense popular 80s police series called "Miami Vice". Today, the Testarossa is still associated with the American detectives named James "Sonny" Crockett and Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs. And we thank the Miami Vice directors for it.


She may have left the garage rarely, every ride with the Testarossa is one to remember. The V12 engine in the back delivers 390 hp and is one of Ferrari's last 12 cylinders positioned in a 'flat' angle of 180°. Only the F50, Enzo and LaFerrari have the same kind of setup. Because the engine is ideally placed (behind the seats and in front of the rear wheels), the weight distribution of the Testarossa is beautifully balanced: 40% at the front and 60% at the rear. Naturally, this is completely beneficial to the handling. However, contrary to its radical design, the driving characteristics of the Dutch Ferrari are pretty regular. Even comfortable.
You are more curious than ever? Then this is the moment to make your childhood dreams come true. The only thing that’s not included is a partner in crime. But with a car like this, that’s probably arranged quickly.

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