Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa

| Monospecchio | Monodado
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63.909 km

Ferrari Testarossa

Sonny Crocket would be proud. And that’s for several reasons, despite it’s a red Ferrari Testarossa instead of a white one. Because this is by far the most popular version of the striking 80s model. That means it’s a 'Monodado' and 'Monospecchio' version with one wheel nut in the middle and one wing mirror on the driver's side, halfway along the A-pillar. Just like Sonny had during his outstanding Miami Vice days.


This is where the comparison with the famous American cop series immediately ends. Because there’s nothing more Italian than the Testarossa on your screen. The doors for Ferrari’s V12 flagship were opened on March 19, 1985 in Mestre, the mainland city of Venice. And since there’s no better known model built by Maranello, it had to be topped with a red sauce. The Testarossa is a real joy to watch and to drive as well. This specific one in particular still is, because it has been extremely well cared for over the past 35 years. The included, original Ferrari tools on the other hand, seem to be untouched…
The first technical service took place on May 3, 1985 in the garage of Autofficina Autosport in Mestre at a mileage of 2,190, followed by another one on March 5, 1986. At that time, almost a year after delivery, the Testarossa had only 4,760 kilometers of driving experience. The Italian gem has been on a Dutch registration since April 2014. Autofficina in Soest was honored to be the first Dutch specialist to study the magnificent Testarossa technique. The last one to receive this honor up till now is Mugello Engineering in Hilversum. On October 16, 2017, the Ferrari was again technically serviced. It included a replacement of the timing belt. At that time, the odometer showed the numbers 63,833. That’s 76 km less than it has driven at this moment…

Interior & exterior

Lots of books have already been written about the Testarossa. The car is a driving legend. An icon. And nowadays the characteristic 80s Ferrari still knows how to steals the show effortlessly. Because of its striking shapes and exotic lines, the car is placed regularly next to a Lamborghini Countach. Unfairly, because where the Countach is a hardcore supercar, the Testarossa is basically a super-fast GT. However, we have admit: it’s truly exotic as well.
A car with such a distinct design, aesthetically crushes every other object as soon as it colors Rosso Corsa. Especially when the original shimmer is still intact, as in this case. Many of the characteristic details really come into their own, including the air intakes behind the doors, fitted with beautiful "egg slicers”. Or how about the black "slats" covering the taillights? We absolutely love the interior too: it has a beige leather upholstery in combination with a Nero leather dashboard. A familiar view for Sonny Crockett! The instruments and the tunnel console are obviously angular, and suits the red bodywork perfectly. Even the headrests are 100% 80s!

Technology & performance

Also typical and red is the valve cover on the atmospheric V12 engine. Even the model name is based on it (Testarossa is Italian for "redhead"), so it must be something really special, right? Absolutely: the 12 cylinders are placed longitudinally in the center back at a flat angle of 180 degrees. Together they produce 390 hp, an unrivaled Ferrari sound and pure driving experience. The combination has something magical; something that many modern machines cannot match. The 40/60 weight distribution emphasizes this fact: it guarantees a nice balance, but at the same time it gives the driver enough freedom to round corners in a spectacular way. We hope you have fast hands like Sonny!

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