Ferrari Testarossa

When you say Ferrari, you say Testarossa. It’s all natural: the Ferrari Testarossa is the ultimate 80s/90s dream car. Many saved al their money to exchange it for 390 horses. But making dreams come true is only satisfying when the car is at least as beautiful and good in reality. That’s certainly the case when you look at this absolutely gorgeous 1991 Ferrari Testarossa with only 25,903 kilometers of driving experience. A car remaining in a truly unique condition, including a fully demonstrable service history and no damages at all. The timing-belt was replaced barely 2,500 km ago. However, replacing a legend like the Testarossa is clearly impossible. Who’s ready to make his or her dream (car) come true? Now is the time to visit Prins in Holland!


Rarely we came across a historical model, reflecting the ideal image of our childhood in a perfect way. How the Testarossa can live up to the highest expectations after 29 years? Ask the former owners: it’s incredible how much attention, passion and punctuality there has been used to keep the Ferrari in the best possible condition. Frankfurt am Main (Germany) got the honor to deliver the Testarossa to its very first owner in February 1991. Perhaps the racing experience of this owner helped to get through the first couple of years (up to 1996) completely unscathed. Although the Ferrari is a bit more spectacular than the Abarth, Porsche 911 and Jaguar E-Type which he was racing in the 60s.
Next, the red racehorse graced the chic streets of Monaco under the wings of owner number 2. We guess the Testarossa was mainly used for the show, since it was barely driven. Apparently the existence of a showpiece was satisfying enough. After all, it would take until 2015 before the Ferrari left Monaco and ended up in Belgian hands. This is also the last stop on the way to a princely welcome in Holland. Finally…


You can recognize a Ferrari Testarossa out of thousands. Only a few cars are as striking as this celebrity on wheels. For a GT, the Testarossa has quite an extreme design: low, wide and full of characteristic details. The fins in the doors – which are an extension of the air intakes, the black covers placed over the rear lights and aerodynamic styled wing mirrors indicate 100% Italian extravagance. Although the Ferrari is still much more elegant than its eternal rival: the Lamborghini Countach - which by the way was a hardcore supercar instead of a superfast GT. So a direct comparison between the 2 is actually unjustified… And at the same time oh so obvious. Whoever says Testarossa says red. Literally. After all, it’s Italian for redhead. This is exactly why the immaculate Rosso Corsa paint on this Ferrari is not only the most beautiful, but also the most logical choice.


Ferrari red lacquer on the outside, black leather upholstery on the inside. The composition is traditional and very popular for a reason. Taking a seat in the Testarossa is like waking up in another era; the minimalistic shapes, the angular design and of course the impeccable condition: this classic feels like coming home as we did 3 decades ago. The leather 3-spoke steering wheel is thin, but easy to grasp. And the shiny aluminum gear lever? It seduces the driver like no other to guide it smoothly and with lots of feel through the stunning milled shift wings. Do it well and you’ll be treated to a nice characteristic "click".

Technique & performance

There’s certainly a special “click” with the magical machine in the back: the 4.9 liter Ferrari V12 is positioned in an angle of 180 degrees. In short, it’s as flat as a pizza. The sportful weight distribution of 40/60 says a lot about how the Testarossa unleashes its 390 horsepower on the rear wheels: with a great sense of drama. Encouraged by a screaming, naturally aspirated 12-cylinder, every mile will feel equally intense. How much will you add to the 25,903 kilometers? Please come by and get a preview of your ultimate dream car. Remember: it could become reality really soon…

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Prins Classics

Leather furnishing
Leather dashboard
Leather door panels
Leather steering weel
Alloy wheels
Original tool-set