Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa

| Top condition!
Factory Color
59.299 km

Ferrari Testarossa

Born in the 80s and always been a fan of fast cars? Great chance that this Italian thoroughbred used to hang on the wall of your bedroom. Exactly in this color combination. And of course completely original and in excellent condition, just like this one. Whoever has plans to relive their childhood, simply can’t ignore the iconic dream car you’re looking at right now. The main difference however, is that the dream is now becoming reality. The magnificent Ferrari Testarossa: which car fanatic didn’t grow up with it?


This red racehorse from la bella Italia was delivered new in October 1989 by famous Ferrari dealer Crepaldi Auto from Cormano (Milan). That makes it Italian in heart and soul. In total, 3 owners have possessed the car in the past 3 decades. The first one had a flying start: he set the counter at 9,586 kilometers after only 2 months!
Unlike the first 2 owners, the 3rd isn’t Italian but Dutch. It took a while before the Testarossa left its home country: in June 2016 the Ferrari moved to Holland. Meantime the car has fully integrated. And if we may choose, it will remain that way for a long, long time. After all, we could use some extra fire and originality on our public streets!


That originality isn’t “only” based on the eccentric design of the car. Because this Ferrari is just as beautiful and pure as the feeling that you had with the scale model or poster in earlier years. The bodywork and lacquer seem to come straightway from the brochure. And also technically the Testarossa is in a real fine shape. In September 2016, shortly after moving to the Netherlands, the Italian beauty has had major maintenance; all brakes, tires, filters and fluids (including the brake fluid and gearbox oil) were renewed or refreshed. In May 2017, another significant service followed. Ferrari Maserati Antwerp (FMA) replaced, for instance, the timing belt. What can we say? The brilliance on the outer and inner are perfectly balanced!

Interior & exterior

Grass is green, bears are brown and a Ferrari is red. We used to look at the world in such a simple way, and it still can be that simple. All you have to do is surrender yourself to what nature has determined. Why did they name this beautiful creature otherwise Testarossa (Italian for redhead)? Okay, it also had something to do with the color of the valve cover, but who cares?
The impact of the Rosso Corsa paint is on no classic Ferrari as strong as it is on the striking signature of the Testarossa. Only the white version of Miami Vice star Sonny Crockett can match the powerful aesthetics of this one. But you will need the bright Florida sun to get it at that point. Speaking of classics ... The black leather Nero interior is almost as traditional as the red exterior. Of course, there’s no such thing as coincidence: the dark upholstery fits the minimalistic and straight forward designed cockpit perfectly.


Once you’ve taken a seat, you immediately notice the distinctive, masterfully milled gear pattern. The black gear knob requires a firm hand to maneuver it smoothly through the aluminum slots. But in the end, the experienced driver will be rewarded in style with a characteristic metal “click” while changing between courses.
No reason to complain about the speed either: the 180º flat V12 in the rear produces 390 hp and a sound that evokes the feeling that there’s even more power than that. Goosebumps everywhere! Thanks to an ideal placement of the engine (in length, directly behind the 2 seats), the weight distribution (40/60) and thus the handling is also. Perfection suddenly becomes very tangible given the overall state of this Testarossa ... Who’s ready to fulfill the ultimate childhood dream? This is the right moment to act!

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