Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa

| Top condition | Recent service
Factory Color
21.205 km

Ferrari Testarossa

The Ferrari Testarossa: the ultimate 80s dream car. A legend in Ferrari history. The most famous creation ever built in Maranello. Looking at this Testarossa, it’s clear that the dream is still alive and the legend lives on, generation after generation. At Prins we also have special feels for the Testarossa. In particular for this one: in excellent condition, with a bright red bodywork, beige leather upholstery and only 21,205 km of experience!


Sometimes you look at something on paper and it doesn’t match the dream at first, until you see it in real live… Perfection! That’s what this Ferrari Testarossa is. The only history we have is the part when we got the iconic 12-cylinder in our hands in 2016. Nevertheless, we are completely overwhelmed by the Italian. Why? Simple: we’ve rarely seen such a perfect condition Testarossa. Truly a gorgeous looking car! And so the Italian beauty left us no choice: we took over the classic and did some serious technical maintenance, including a new timing belt.
A Swedish friend of Prins saw the same thing as we did: an exceptionally beautiful Ferrari, deserving a nice place to stay. He purchased the car and made Scandinavia glow red in the past few years. The Testarossa is cherished by its owner and by us as well since we offer this piece of Maranello magic for sale again. On paper it’s still in Swedish hands, so the owner hasn’t completely given up his dream (car) yet. Who can change his mind?

Interior & exterior

The Testarossa is one of the most characteristic models we’ve ever seen. It’s smooth looking, has lots of flair and many striking details, such as the magnificent intakes in the doors, black slats over the taillights and of course the extremely low and wide bodywork which makes it look more like a hardcore supercar than a lightning-fast GT - because that’s what the Testarossa actually is.
The beautiful, immaculate Rosso Corsa lacquer emphasizes the name and fame of this Ferrari even more. After all, "Testarossa" indicates the red valve cover of the V12 engine. That same red glow comes back in the floor inside the car… How stunning! At least as striking is the combination of beige with brown leather interior upholstery. And above all: the pristine overall condition!

Technique & performance

Ferrari placed 12 cylinders in the back, lengthwise, at a flat angle of 180 degrees. The legendary Ferrari V12 produces an impressive 390 horsepower; no child fantasy can beat that! The sound and dynamics have a good sense of drama. Nice to know: the weight distribution is 40/60, so no complaints about the handling and driving experience too… Who’s ready to live the ultimate Testarossa dream?

Kind regards,
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