Fiat 127 Special
Charming, playful, characteristic, compact, sweet and traded for a Ferrari Mondial at Prins Classics: this original Dutch delivered 1975 Fiat 127 Special is a little charmer that steals big hearts. Those who cannot withstand the sweet character of the classic Fiat can come visit us with all the confidence of the world: the well-maintained and restored 127 Special will not disappoint. Not at all.

This special Fiat was discovered 10 years ago at a Dutch workshop by the former owner. The most recent purchaser had romantic memories of his first car, also a (green) 127 Special, which he adopted from his aunt. It was love at first sight with this red classic. As a result, he bought it completely with his heart, not his head.

Rationally it may not have been the best buy, he discovered some time later. After 5 years, the 127 was updated thoroughly, from the inside, outside and technically. The bodywork on the front sides have been replaced, the beams were welded and new engine gaskets plus seals refitted.
Only a few tiny blisters in the lacquer and a tear on top of the steering wheel betray the age of the little Fiat. The rest of the car is extremely decent and fully original. There always will be skeptics, but the last owner (up to now) believes that this Italian is not leaking any oil. Besides, the second last owner has had the car as well for at least 10 years. So it has to be good, right?

In 1971, Fiat introduced a mini-hatchback based on the Fiat 128. The 127 would be a better fit to the advanced technology of the 128 in terms of design and configuration. The model became a great success, which resulted in winning the European Car of the Year award back in 1972.
This Special version of the Series 1 can be recognized by a restyled grille and various interior modifications. In 1977 the Series 2 followed and in 1982 the substantially adjusted Series 3. Not long afterwards, in 1983, successor Fiat Uno made its debut.
The Fiat 127 is typically the kind of car that you have a lifetime. Or at least 10 years. But no matter how long you decide to enjoy it, the previous owner proves: she will steal your heart forever.
Kind regards,
Prins Classics.