Fiat 500L

Fiat 500L

Ragtop | top condition
Factory Color
82.712 km

Fiat 500L Ragtop

An Italian style icon with the size of a backpack; that’s the legendary Fiat 500 in a nutshell. This very neat L-version barely has similarities to the contemporary version compared to the 'normal' 500. And to be totally honest, we don’t feel sorry about it. Not at all. In contrast to the modern 500L, this classic is small, pure, playful and so tasty you almost want to eat it!
The extremely popular Ragtop with its foldable rooftop is like the perfect icing on the cake. Besides the fact it’s a visual pleasure, this car is also suitable for the classic sun worshipers among us. Looking at the origin of the car, you can say that the open roof option is anything but unnecessary luxury for the Bianco tanned Fiat.


This charming 500L was delivered new in 1971 in the capital of Italy. The ideal image that enthusiasts have of the all-time sweetheart seems to have been reality in the past. Not that we ever doubted it - after all, this isn’t the only 500 that drove around Rome back in the good old days. But still... There’s nothing wrong with romanticizing, right?

History & condition

Since 2004 the cuddly fashion icon spreads its titanic charms all around here in Holland. The new home base literally and figuratively meant a fresh start for the Fiat. The authentic hatchback had undergone a complete restoration: various body parts have been replaced or repaired and got a new classic white painting. Also the chrome finishes and rooftop have been entirely renewed.
The interior was restored too: the original upholstery has been exchanged for the exact same black skai leather. Just perfect as it should be. Who gets the honor to feel the real beauty of pristine Italy at home? See you in Holland!

Kind regards,
Prins Classics