Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

Convertible 5.0 V8
105.372 mile

Ford Mustang Convertible 5.0 V8

The American 60s icon and inventor of the "pony car". Ladies & gentlemen, we've got him: the original Ford Mustang Convertible! An absolutely delicious one: fully restored, stuffed with numerous of beautiful details and powered by an old school and genuine 8-cylinder engine. In short, a true masterpiece. Exactly the way unadulterated fans should like it. Speaking of which: the 1st and only Dutch owner so far has had the car in his possession for 12 years. The question is: who’s next?


On June 30, 1967 Ford wrote history: it’s the day that this Mustang Convertible was put out on the public roads for the very first time. It took 40 years before it was finally driven close to our home: the Netherlands. On October 13, 2007 the classic beauty crossed the Atlantic, looking for a second life in Europe. The big USA was exchanged for the tiny Netherlands. There was a potential culture shock, but we’re happy to say that the Dutch connoisseurs managed to give the Ford the pristine shine it deserves. A complete restoration and an entire overhaul resulted in the rebirth of a true icon. Made in the USA. Offered by Prins.


Volkswagen has the Golf, Porsche the 911 and Ford the Mustang. Brand and model are inextricably linked to each other. Not exactly a surprise: the Mustang had a flying start during its first production year in 1964. After 18 months, already 1 million of them were built and sold. Looking at the design, we can fully understand how Ford got the success. After all, they offered a whole lot of (sports) car for relatively little money. The Convertible has it all: a really cool bodywork combined with a characteristic profile, lots of stylish lines and some exquisite details. In black, the elegant nature of the American masterpiece is shown perfectly. Unfortunately, the paintwork isn’t 100% flawless (anymore). But despite that, we can't imagine a better contrast with the glittering chrome parts! In addition, this car is equipped with the so-called "blinker hood": a hood including cooling slots and integrated direction indicators. The 16-inch American Racing Wheels are also a nice extra.

Interior & technique

Once boarded, driver and passengers are given a warm welcome thanks to a super tasteful red leather upholstery. Only the driver's seat reveals the age of the car (partly) because of a small crack. But the presence of the original 8-Track radio player gives you the idea of stepping into a real time machine; how cool!
The added stainless steel exhaust system helps the Mustang to show its true muscles. Is the 5.0 liter V8 producing 200 horsepower secretly more like a muscle car than a pony car? In this version, that would just be possible. One thing is certain though: it sounds incredibly brutal! And if it's up to us, not just the engine, because the whole offer is very special too! Don’t you agree?

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