Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar E-Type

4.2 | Series 2 | One-owner | Certified | Matching
Factory Color
90.561 mile

Jaguar E-Type Series 2 Fixed-Head Coupé 4.2

Question: what’s even prettier than a classic Jaguar E-Type? A 1st (!) owner Jaguar E-Type Fixed-Head Coupe 4.2 in historic good condition. Indeed, this must be your lucky day...
Talking about gorgeous cars: if there’s one person who knew how to build them, it’s Enzo Ferrari. What does the Italian pioneer have to do with this British beauty? Quite some. It turned out that the founder of the mythical brand in Maranello not only was a genius, but also a very honest man; to use his own words, it wasn’t one of his creations, but the E-Type that earned to be called "The most beautiful car ever made". With those legendary words Enzo confirmed the magnificence of the Jaguar model. On the other hand, what could he possibly else do? Even a blind person could see how brilliant the E-Type was. And still is. Especially in a stunning condition like this dazzlingly beautiful FHC Series 2!


Over the past years the E-Type has become the ultimate “gentleman's sports car” and a true icon. The car surprised enemies and friends at its introduction in March 1961. One of the admirers was Enzo Ferrari. The ground-breaking Jaguar meant a revolution in the world of sports cars. The E-Type combined performance and design in a unique way, but was surprisingly affordable too.
This Briton was built on February 20, 1969 and newly delivered on March 18 of that same year. Its distributor and destination: British Leyland in New York. How convenient… So this Briton actually has an American past; we hope your English vocabulary is okay! After all, you won’t be the first to talk to a classic car.
Like we wrote before, the stylish coupe has had only 1 (!) owner in 50 years; that’s truly exceptional! The original documents and Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate can confirm this very rare fact. So you can be confident about the E-Type’s history. Very confident. Even the original US license plates are included!

Interior & exterior

We can talk for hours about the incredibly looks and shape of the E-Type. Let's do that while enjoying a cup of coffee, cappuccino, espresso or something with alcohol in it (no strings attached). At this moment we especially want to use the opportunity to emphasize the beautiful condition of the interior and exterior, including matching numbers!
The super chic Dark Blue lacquer has been redone in the past, but is completely original in terms of color. That’s also the case of the leather upholstery. Other elements like the characteristic 3-spoke wooden steering wheel, breathe so much patina, you feel the authenticity of this British-American beauty right away. That’s exactly how we want it! And we guess you do too?


Every Series 2 E-Type was standard built with the larger 4.2-liter 6-cylinder in-line engine. The straight-six of this car is a real gem: it performs just as great as it looks and sounds; simply sublime! Technique and design are in perfect harmony. A welcome bonus are the more comfortable seats, improved brakes and electronics, and a synchromesh feature on gear 1 of the 2nd Series. Does the petrol flow through your veins like it never did before? Then you’re the right person for the right car. Cheers!

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