Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar E-Type

Fixed-head Coupe 3.8L series 1 | Matching Number | Original color
Factory Color
13.713 mile

"The most beautiful car ever made". These are the legendary words of a legendary man: Enzo Ferrari. Words that weren’t about one of his famous creations though, but about a great competitor: the Jaguar E-Type. And if the words come from Mr. Ferrari, it has to be true.
Speaking about beauty, what could actually be more precious than the original version? Its name says it all: this peerless 1964 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 3.8 Fixed-Head Coupe (FHC) with left-hand drive (LHD) belongs to the first series of the British icon. A genuine treasure with completely matching numbers and an unequalled quantum of pure charisma. So incredibly neat and sublime as the overall condition of this truly magnificent Jaguar is, it's just astonishing.


The same goes for its appearance: this E-Type looks really phenomenal. No money and effort was spared to get the car in the excellent shape in which it now finds itself. The restoration was carried out on Dutch ground and only by renowned names, under the supervision of the former Dutch owner: a real perfectionist and huge fan of the glorious E-Type.
Responsible for the sheet metal and paintwork is the Dutch Company called Oldtimer Service Eastend. The gearbox was overhauled by the transmission specialist Von Münching Import. The engine overhaul has been done by De Boer, while Eastend bent over the adjustment of the power source. Stenger Jaguar Service applied an update on the differential. The wheels were delivered by JVD Wheels. Jaguar enthusiast and restorer Koos van Schepen took care of the largest part of the construction of the famous coupe. For the finishing touch the Jag went back again to the experts of Eastend.
All parties used as many original parts for the total restoration as they could. Most of them were supplied by SNG Barratt: 'The Ultimate Jaguar Parts Specialist’ in the Netherlands. The E-Type is also equipped with upgrades on places where it’s needed, to make the car perform better in the modern world we live in. For example, the Jaguar is fitted with an aluminum radiator for better cooling. The brakes are adapted to today's standards as well. Basically there’s nothing to fix to the Fixed-Head Coupe anymore. Everything has already been done. Within detail.


At least as impressive as the condition is the history of this gorgeous two-seater. The greatest part of its existence took place in America. The 1963 model year E-Type was delivered new on May 22, 1964 by Jaguar Cars New York. That was nine days after the car left the factory. Considering this fact, this is one of the most recently built Series 1 with a 3.8 liter engine.
The first owner was a man, born and raised in New Jersey. According to reliable sources, the gentleman in question is now 90 years old and lives in North Bergen, located along the Hudson River. The last American owner was a lawyer from Whiteville; a city established in the southeastern state North Carolina. He was in possession of the Jaguar from 1991 to August 2007. After that the car went back to NY and ended up with classic car specialist Gullwing Motor Cars in Astoria. At that time the odometer displayed 13.689 miles. Slightly less than the car has driven now.
In 2008, the E-type left the United States and crossed the Atlantic Ocean for a fundamental restoration project. A Dutch buyer, working for the David Hart Group (DHG) back then, brought the car to the Netherlands with the intention to give her a second life. The first Dutch owner planned to do a major restoration, but failed to get the job done because of many other priorities at work and at home. In 2010 the former (also Dutch) owner took over the car and the project and did wat his predecessor couldn’t do.


The Jaguar E-Type is one of the world's greatest legends ever and is among the most desirable icons in automobile history. In fact, this car is probably the most highly appreciated classic of all time. The brilliantly styled sports car owes its immense popularity for a significant part to its elegant lines.
The Opalescent Golden Sand Metallic lacquer (an original Jaguar color, produced from ’62-’68) matches the timeless exterior design perfectly. Combined with the super stylish bodywork, praised for its long nose, relatively upright windshield and rear-mounted cabin, makes this car a truly unique, unsurpassed masterpiece. "The most beautiful car ever made". Whether the Ferraristi liked it or not, the Italian master definitely had a point. And he still has.

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