Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ

4.2 Coupé automaat
70.164 km

Jaguar XJ Coupé 4.2 automaat

Always wanted to drive a real Jaguar? This unique XJ Coupe with 4.2 liter 6-cylinder engine is the ultimate chance to drive through life comfortably and stylishly, without the need to pay the highest price! Of course, pure character has its price, but since when does that stop you from chasing your dreams?
This authentic Jag looks, drives and feels like “the real deal”. And that’s exactly why we want to ask every genuine enthusiast and car collector to appreciate what they see. Because this truly is a special car. With a little extra attention, the originality even more comes te live. The XJ-C deserves it, that’s for sure.


There’s a slight chance that you ever intended to drive a yellow coupe. Not to mention a classic English one, because don’t they all have to be green? No, not necessarily. That’s the beauty of this Jaguar: it always knows how to surprise. Especially the enthusiasts.
Who dares to be different will be rewarded with a brilliant driving experience in a technically well-maintained Coupe. The fundament of the car is all fine; the bottom is solid and the handling smooth. The bodywork is neat, not immaculate. Also, the classy Jag couldn’t escape from some light, surface rust in the engine compartment. Let’s be honest, we’re talking about a 43 year old classic here.


Meanwhile, the elegantly styled gentleman is a welcome and well-known guest at Prins. We previously sold the car to the former owner, and intend to repeat the selling soon. The next owner of this 2-door Jaguar XJ will enjoy a fair and grand driving machine, with an exterior color that fits the car better than you might think at first. Let’s say that the 6-in-line sounds like it runs, the Coupe has a foldable roof and it causes a huge smile on your face time after time, will that make you visit Holland? We know we would.

Kind regards,
Prins Classics