Jaguar XJ-S

Jaguar XJ-S

| Lynx Eventer V12 | Unique | LHD | Top condition
Factory Color
131.466 km

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Jaguar XJS Lynx Eventer.

This extremely rare classic is called Lynx Eventer: basically a 1992 Jaguar XJS converted by Lynx Motor Company ltd. The British coachbuilder transformed the GT into a 2-door shooting brake in the 80s and 90s; an alternative name for sporty estate or station wagon. Or in this special case a coupe with an extended roof line and large rear side windows.

History & technique

This unique and gorgeous looking Lynx is number 62 of only 67 (!) Eventers ever built. The car has been well maintained over the years, the full history (maintenance and owners) is included, as well as the valuation reports. In addition, the Britain made car is original Dutch delivered. In 2013, the modified XJS was technically thoroughly serviced. No money or effort was saved to get the job done. About 35,000 GBP was spent on an English specialist to get the Lynx Eventer completely up and running again! Upgrades such as a Lister suspension and brake system (also known from the Aston Martin DB7) were included. A stainless steel exhaust system and a Plus Torque Power Enhancement Kit for an even better performance too.


So unlike many of us thought, the shooting brake coachwork was apparently already invented back in the early 80s. In August 1982, the estate version of the Jaguar XJS was shown to the public for the first time. The production of the Eventer lasted until 2002. After all these years, no more than 67 cars were built, of which 18 left-hand drive (LHD) versions. Only 15 of the 67 Eventers were post-facelift models, 3 of them had modified looks. Including this specific one!
The elegantly designed shooting brake is provided with the famous Jaguar 5.3 liter V12 HE front-engine. The wonderfully smooth power unit fits the timeless appearance and comfortable character of the Eventer perfectly. No wonder only 4 cars (3x 3.6 liter and 1x 4.0 liter 6-cylinder) weren’t delivered with the majestic 12-cylinder. This one, however, perhaps is the best V12-powered Lynx out there.

Interior & exterior

The bodywork of the exceptional Jag is also very beautiful. The Lynx looks even more elegant in Solent Blue. The dark blue color is finished with a fine red / white pinstripe on both sides. The many chrome parts and polished wheels still shine like a diamond after 27 years, and provide an outstanding contrast. Back in 2015 the car was given a professional Protech treatment.
Inside, the Eventer has all the charms of the XJS. Plus a little bit more (space). The interior is finished with a highly tasteful Magnolia leather upholstery and lots of wood; very British. This car also has all the usual options, including a sunroof, sports suspension, cruise control and 2 sets of keys including a remote controlled alarm system.
The post-facelift version can be recognized by details like the adjusted front grille and adapted rear light units. As far as we’re concerned, it’s the most successful version; prettier and more exclusive than the pre-facelift models. And maybe yours soon?

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Heated mirrors
Cruise control
Limited-slip differential
Leather seats
Alloy wheels
Metal color
Heated front seats