Jensen C V8

Jensen C V8

C V8
MK II | top condition |
76.307 km

Jensen C-V8 MKII

A unique appearance at Prins! In any case, a Jensen is a real rarity. This one however, is a one of a kind: a 1965 C-V8 MKII in excellent condition! Among others, Sir Sean Connery – the James Bond star from the 60s – preceded you. The British gentleman actually used his C-V8 for daily use. He benefited some optical modifications and technical improvements such as electronically adjustable rear dampers. On this car, those dampers have been exchanged for others to emphasize the sportiness of the 4-seater GT even more. Because sporty it is... And the history is fully documented as well!

Interior & exterior

The Jensen C-V8 contains all the ingredients of a pure sports car: a beautifully designed bodywork made of lightweight materials such as aluminum and polyester, a powerful engine and an amazing performance. Especially for the 60s. Starting with the bodywork: this model is painted British green and has the characteristic covers on the double headlight units: a much wanted option for genuine fans. Because that’s exactly how designer Eric Neale the exterior originally intended to be. Fearing that this would be at the expense of the light output, the factory ultimately didn’t mount them. But experts swear by those covers like the Jaguar E-Type Series I and Ferrari 275 GTB also has, which by the way are very expensive. Even better a set of spare covers are included as well!
The bodywork has been exquisitely restored and cared for the last years. Even the cream leather interior with its green piping is still neat and super tasteful. And then knowing that the cosmetic recovery isn’t even part of the 35,000 euros that has been spent on the C-V8 in the last 6 months...


What do you get back for such an amount? Here’s a summarized list: new front and rear suspension including all rubbers. A new petrol tank and brakes + lines at each side of the car. New rims with tires and an extra set on reserve. New carburetor, manifold and a new ignition including cables. The classic rally of St. Moritz was recently successfully driven by the former owner: the 2+2 returned to the Netherlands effortlessly after having a smooth racing adventure.
Next the Jensen got an oil service. But the earlier applied technical upgrades – only done by professionals – make the real difference: the "standard" rear shock absorbers have been replaced by coilovers, while the height of the car was lowered. Progressive springs were mounted on the front, including modified and overhauled dampers which generate 30% extra downforce at the back. In short, everything for an extra sporty handling!


And it’s proper, because the 6.3 liter V8 aka Chrysler’s big-block has serious power: 335 hp to be exact. In 2019, a top speed of 220 km/h and a sprint of 0-100 km/h within 6 seconds are still numbers to be proud of. Interesting fact: the C-V8 was too fast for many icons from that same era. Including the Jaguar E-Type, Aston Martin DB5 and even the V12 Lamborghini Miura cannot beat the Jensen when it comes to accelerating!
Another interesting fact is that there are only 100 to 300 C-V8s on this planet. In terms of condition and history, this specific one absolutely belongs to the top 10 of the world. The question is: when will you join the other 9 lucky owners?

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