Lamborghini Jalpa

Lamborghini Jalpa

Factory Color
5.276 km

A Lamborghini for the connoisseurs, with only 5.276 kilometers of driving experience. Figures which reflect the superb condition of this beautiful black bull in a perfect way.


This magnificent sports car was delivered new in Italy in 1985. Some time later the Jalpa moved to the other side of Europe: Sweden, to be exact. At the 2nd owner, the two-seater was primarily used as a static art object, seeing he hardly drove the car.
The Jalpa is an old friend of Wim Prins. In 2015 we took care of the car for the first time. Despite the modest use at Sweden, or perhaps because of it, the Jalpa body clearly needed a thorough makeover after arriving at Prins Classics formerly. Of course we took care of this with love, with a complete restoration as a result.


Now the smooth black exterior finally corresponds to the completely original, Ivory leather interior: both are equally pure as immaculate! Poured into a timeless Nero Tenebre custom-made suit, the Jalpa features a mesmerizing amount of Italian cachet. The fine coachwork has an immense attractive power, and breathes a seductive dose of mystery. It’s clear that the designer has spent a lot of attention to detail.
The first Jalpa’s featured plastic parts in black, such as bumpers, air intakes and an engine cover, just like its predecessor: the Silhouette. This changed in 1984, when all these parts were executed in the body color. The exterior changes actually gave the Jalpa an even finer appearance. The same applies to the rear: the more conventional square units, that also were "borrowed" from the Silhouette, exchanged into modern, round copies. However, a characteristic which the Jalpa possessed from the beginning, is the removable “targa” top; for the pure roadster feel, but with the stunning coupé lines remaining.
The tremendous body shape created by Bertone easily can be described as "Art" with a big 'A'. Despite all the ostentation, the Jalpa has a better view than the extremely designed Countach. Moreover, the Jalpa is much easier to drive than his "big brother" at that time. Which is especially of great value in slower traffic.

Background & technique

The Lamborghini Jalpa went into production in 1981 as successor of the Silhouette: the car that set the technical base for the Jalpa. The new Lamborghini was positioned beneath the Countach, and had to tempt a different group of buyers. With its powerful 3.5 liter V8 mid-engine, with an impressive output of 259 PS, the Jalpa was capable of great performances.
No coincidence that the model, with its 410 sold units between '81 -'88, was the most successful Lamborghini at that time. It was also the last model of the Italian manufacturer with an 8-cylinder engine... A brilliant piece of engineering though, which reminds us of the beautiful sound of the good old V12’s!

TV roles

The fact that the Jalpa is a very pleasant car to drive and to look at, is also confirmed by how often the classy bull was invited to play with the camera. Although the Jalpa, compared with models like the Miura, Countach and Diablo, is a relatively unknown Lamborghini, he stole the show several times during various television appearances. Including in the film Rocky IV, starring Sylvester Stallone, who gets behind the wheel of the Italian sports car. Phil Collins also test drove the Jalpa, during his guest appearance in season 2 of the hugely popular American cop show Miami Vice.
This leaves us with the question: what role will you give to this unique Lamborghini from the Prins Classics range? Please drop by and tell us. Or even better: show it to us! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards, Prins Classics.