Lancia Appia

Lancia Appia

Convertible Vignale
Factory Color
96.532 km

Lancia Appia Convertible Vignale.

We have something to confess: at Wim Prins we not only buy cars with our minds, but also with our souls. You’re looking at the perfect example: an incredibly beautiful 1962 Lancia Appia Convertible Vignale. The car is in excellent shape, but we don’t know much about its history. However, could we resist the thought of taking her? No, of course not! All signs were there: the sweetness and originality of the model (open 4-seater!), the sound of the technique, as well as the prediction of the future value of this awesome Lancia... It’s true, in the end we’re only human of flesh and blood.

Exterior & design

Just like everyone else, we can recognize the Appia’s stunning appearance from miles away. The model, designed by Giovanni Michelotti and built by Vignale, is characterized by a compact body with classy lines and many charming details. When you have style, there’s no way the car doesn’t affect you. Above that, the Lancia has an open character and room for 4… Yes, bringing the Appia to the Netherlands wasn’t just the right thing to do. It was the only thing we could do…
It’s all about purity in the Bianco bodywork. The exterior has already been restored, which is quite nice and well done too by Carrozzeria Polverino Filomeno. We don’t believe in coincidence; the owner of the Italian company also owned this Appia for many years. Looking for a reason not to separate your work from your personal life? Polverino Filomeno had the perfect one! In addition to the paintwork, the chrome bumpers shine brilliantly. Blinded by unspoiled beauty ... This is how it works!

Interior & technology

Anyone who chooses to get in this time(less) machine, will continue to be enthusiastic. The minimalistic dashboard and extremely thin 2-spoke steering wheel contain a delightful 60's flavor. As far as we can judge, the interior is also completely original and in good condition.
In total 1,584 open Appia’s were built between 1957-1962. Each Convertible is on an extended Tipo 812.02 chassis. The fact that this is one of the last Convertibles ever built, has a few extra advantages. For example, the Vignale is on the platform of the 3rd series Appia and features a more powerful 60 hp engine instead of the standard 54 hp from earlier versions. The mechanics in this particular car are perfectly fine. It’s not hard to make new friends once you take the Lancia for a spin. As long as you remember: the charisma and class will affect more than ‘just’ 4 people, including yourself. However, that’s already 2 more than classic Itallian convertibles normally have. Another reason to visit our showroom soon. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Kind regards,
Prins Classics