Lancia Aurelia

Lancia Aurelia

B20 GT Coupe serie 5
Factory Color
101.768 km

This magnificent 1956 Lancia Aurelia GT Coupe seems to have invented the phrase "automotive art”! For nearly half a century the beautiful Italian, designed by respected top designer Vittorio Jano, is a valuable addition to the streets, thanks to its generous dose of aesthetics and charisma. Although it must be said that this unique car has spent much of its time behind closed doors…

Doors of an old Lancia dealership, located in the country of Lancia’s origin. It did take more than 20 years before the authentic dealer said goodbye to his beloved B20 Series 5. But not before he had the car completely restored. A great project, which began five years ago, and lasted three years. Enthusiasts as we are, we followed the project up close. Therefore, we know that the car has been refurbished by an absolute connoisseur. The specialist brought the illustrious Lancia back in perfect condition, and provided the Coupe with the original colors.

The dazzling dark paint recently won the prize for ‘finest paintjob’ on the international classic car event called 'InterClassics'. But also on the inside the Aurelia knows how to steal your heart. For example, consider the precious, two-tone interior trim, the characteristic wooden three-spoke steering wheel, and the stylish dashboard with two shiny ashtrays and lots of other classy details.

The elegant appearance of the Aurelia has undoubtedly contributed to the fact that this model is worldwide known as ‘THE classic Lancia’. But the smooth six-cylinder engine and surprisingly good handling of the GT also ensures the extra powerful ‘benzina’ flow through our veins. A charmer with capacity! In fact, the 2451 cc V6 engine (the largest in the Aurelia series) in combination with a - for that time - progressive suspension and weight distribution, transforms the elegant Lancia in a true ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’.
Therefore it may be no surprise that the first series of the Aurelia GT won the famous Mille Miglia in his class sometime. And even today this art on wheels still is a very popular car for participation in classic rallies. So it’s really a car with two faces, this unique Lancia Aurelia B20 GT Coupe Series 5! Set eyes on both of them in our Classics showroom. We guarantee you that this powerful piece of Italian history leaves no one cold.

With kind regards,
Prins Classics.