Lancia Aurelia

Lancia Aurelia

B50 Cabriolet Pininfarina | Lusso
Factory Color
100.014 km

Lancia Aurelia B50 Cabriolet Pininfarina

Every person that’s a little bit into classic cars and especially Italian-made beauties, has ever heard of the Lancia Aurelia. But mostly that name is directly linked to the legendary (B20) GT or (B24) Convertible and Spider. This roofless 1951 Lancia from Catania (Sicily) however, also carries the name Aurelia. As well as the name of a legendary Italian designer. Welcome, Lancia Aurelia B50 Cabriolet Pininfarina!


The B50 Cabriolet is the first open Lancia from the famous B-series. In fact, together with the B10 (Berlina) and B51 it was the first Lancia with the B-type designation. But more importantly, it’s one of the rarest Lancia models out there. The production of the Cabriolet “by Pininfarina” started in 1950 and lasted until 1952. In that period only 265 were built. Not quite surprisingly when you realize that the car has cost 4.189.000 Lire; about 10 to 15 times as much as the average car at that time.

History & luxury

This specific B50 (chassis number B50-1296) has had only 2 owners (1 from Italy and 1 Dutchman) and must have been even a little more expensive than the price we mentioned before. After all, it’s the luxurious Finiture di Lusso version. That means a high-quality finish, which includes various fine details such as the chromed exterior stripes and circles. The result: a gorgeous, super chic contrast with the jet black bodywork. On top of that, the Cabriolet has a real 50s radio: an original factory option!

Design & condition

The Lancia Aurelia at Prins is unrestored, has great patina and remains in original condition. Just like the model itself. The smooth lines and elegant curves in the bodywork, the “closed” rim design and white stripes on the tires; the B50 is all about the 50s. Unlike the rest of the car, the upholstery has been renewed in the past. We can totally understand why: the cognac-colored leather looks splendid and fits perfectly with the rest of the stylish looks the 4-seater Cabriolet has. Another Pininfarina-made masterpiece!


The number of seats the 2+2 has, fully match the (driving) characteristics of the Cabriolet. This B50 mainly is a comfortable cruiser, powered by a 1754 cc Lancia V6 engine. Anyone who’s dreaming of old-school pursuits will be better off with a sportier Aurelia. However, didn’t we close that stage a long time ago?

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