Lancia Fulvia

Lancia Fulvia

1.2 1e serie
69.881 km

Lancia Fulvia Coupé 1.2 Series I

This incredibly beautiful Lancia Fulvia Coupé 1.2 Series 1 seems to have invented the term authenticity. Everything about the characteristic 2+2 is pure and nostalgic. A real charmer, generating loads of sympathy. Only the name of the exterior color already sounds like music to your ears: ‘Grigio tor di valle’.


This first series of the Fulvia Coupé was delivered new on January 1, 1966 in Siena, located in the same country as it was built: la bella Italia. The place where they know exactly how to design an aesthetically pleasing product with looks that lasts forever. Be aware: before you know it, you are graced by the beauty of automotive history.


The original Fulvia Coupé can be recognized by the large(r) double headlamps which are positioned relatively low in the front, in combination with indicator lights placed at the ultimate corners of the bodywork. But also the trapezoidal chrome grille and rims with chrome and white finishes, are typically 'Series 1'.
The Fulvia Coupé is designed by Piero Castagnero, employed by Lancia at the time. He drew an excessively nice looking, compact sports car. We wonder if the man had any idea how important his creation would be in automotive industry, once he started the project. 52 years later the Fulvia belongs to the greatest Italian legends. Castagnero was also responsible for the design of the 4-door Berlina version, which went into production 2 years earlier. However, the sedan could never reach the enchanting charms of the 2-door Fulvia.

Interior & Exterior

Poured into a light gray ‘Grigio tor di valle’ lacquer, the body color of this gorgeous classic is the perfect reflection of the design: timeless, without being sober. That’s exactly the reason why it doesn’t matter at all what your destination is; the wonderful Lancia is dressed up for every occasion.
In addition, this stunning Series 1 is extremely solid as well. Looking at the overall condition of the elegant coachwork, it’s like time has stood still. The same goes for the interior. Precisely maintained, beige upholstery combined with brilliant details like chrome accents along the seats and on the doors, and wood finishing on the dashboard and around the 2-spoke steering wheel, raises the huge desire for ‘the good old times’.


This tremendous feel of desire increases after starting the engine: the Fulvia runs, sounds and even smells as it should. This is Italian glory in the purest sense of the word!
In front of the driver there’s a 1216 cc V4, placed at a 45 degree angle. The 4-cylinder is in sublime condition and full of character. Knowing that this particular engine was the basis of strongly evolved versions which wrote rally history by winning championship after championship, confirms the special feeling once you get behind the wheel of the legendary Lancia. Are you ready for the ultimate Fulvia experience?

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