Lancia Fulvia

Lancia Fulvia

1.2 | 1st series
Factory Color
108.174 km

Lancia Fulvia Coupé 1.2 Series

An original first series Lancia Fulvia Coupe 1.2 with a history just as beautiful as the car! This charming Italian classic was partially restored in the 1990s. However, the first paint on the chassis and in the engine compartment was retained, as well as a contagious amount of authenticity. In short, the small classic shows great taste...

History & condition

A remarkable fact is that the 1966 Fulvia has been owned by one and the same family from 1966 to 2003. During this period the family tried to keep the Fulvia original as much as possible. They have succeeded: in addition to the previously mentioned parts of the lacquer, the floorboards and headlining are completely original. Even the spare tire, including the rubber part, is still exactly the same as the one when the Lancia left the factory back in 1966. Truly unique!
Also included are the Italian registration documents, the original user manual and various invoices with detailed information about the recently completed (restoration) work on the car. The floor plates are perfectly cleaned and reinforced with fiberglass. The mechanics have been thoroughly overhauled, new shock absorbers have been fitted, as well as a new exhaust system. Furthermore, the front suspension covers have been replaced, the carburetors were overhauled and new filters were integrated. Finally, the interior and exterior got a total refurbishment. The company who’s responsible for all of this? A Lancia specialist from Italy. It doesn’t get any better!

Interior & exterior

We are extremely impressed by the looks of the charismatic Coupé. The design is as timeless as it is sweet. Especially in Blu Mendoza trim. Because of the blue color, the Italian coast seems only steps away. Going there with the Fulvia is like a classic dream becoming reality. Even in the dark the Lancia is all worth it: the driving lights are Carello’s, the bright lights are original Lancia and above all dazzingly beautiful…
Fortunately, sitting in the Fulvia is just as enjoyable as looking at it: the car features beige upholstery, chic wooden panels on the dashboard and a ditto steering wheel with two spokes. Numerous tasteful details reflect the enchanting character of this beautiful style icon from the 1960s. According to us, a ride in this Lancia may last forever!


Of course, the engine also has an important share in this. The 1216 cc V4 is wonderfully compact and has lots of Italian attitude. The 1.2 liter is linked to a manual transmission with four gears and contains a so-called long lever construction. Extra large is the smile on our faces when the 4-cylinder is set in motion. There’s so much emotion in this Fulvia, you must have experienced it yourself to really understand it. You are cordially invited...

Kind regards,
Prins Classics