Lancia Fulvia

Lancia Fulvia

1600 HF 2e serie, rally klaar
68.674 km

Lancia Fulvia Coupé 1600 HF

Pure rally romance. This truly beautiful, rally-prepared Lancia Fulvia Coupé 1600 HF 'Fanalino' of the 2nd series, reminds you of the best times in history. When tobacco, women and fast cars all went together. And real heroes made the difference – on track but also alongside of it, by combining their heavy right foot with a rock 'n' roll lifestyle and above all: a lot of courage.


This particular Fulvia is an original and unique homologation model, which has been produced in limited edition. The car has a new Dutch classic license and a very complete rally kit.
The charismatic Italian was first registered on July 1, 1972 in Switzerland. In 2010, the second and last (!) owner took the car to the Netherlands. From here he provided the compact Coupé with professional race accessories, to participate in the rally sport for 20,000 kilometers. First in a tour class, after that in a sports class.
Responsible for the rally outfit and maintenance is the renowned family company called Classic Job: a professional expert, specialized in the restoration of historical cars. The complete history of this specific Fulvia is included and gives insight into invoices to the value of 20,000 euros!


The lightweight Lancia is in great condition, optically and technically. A recent valuation report is included. It explains that this original and punctual maintained 1600 HF is a first class collector’s item.
The red paintwork has lost nothing of its brilliance. Small usage traces indicate the authenticity of this unique car and its racing history. The bodywork is provided with an original Monte Carlo livery manufactured in Italy; the same that decorated the 1972 winning rally car. Furthermore, the coachwork has no rust at all. Underneath the Fulvia also contains an anti-rust treatment. For those who are looking for the original bumpers: they were disassembled at the time the car joined races to accentuate the sporty looks. However, they are still available.
The gorgeous aluminum alloy rims were powder coated in 2016. Winter tires are included for cold weather conditions. Inside the classic Lancia you’ll find marvelous black leather front seats which are professionally re-coated. The back seat has been exchanged for a bin, but is still present. Under the hood the Coupé is at least as excellent: everything works and feels like it should. The oil consumption is nil and the freshness enormous!


Looking at the extensive equipment level of the 1600 HF in rally trim, it’s no longer a surprise that this Fulvia Fanalino has achieved great results in its racing past.
A brief summary of all options: a comprehensive, approved Sparco roller cage. An extra 40 liter petrol tank, operable by a switch in the interior, bringing the total to 80 liters. Aluminum hood, doors and trunk lid, providing a 50 kilogram weight reduction (total weight is now 900 kg). Tripmaster rally computer and illuminated compass. Original (!) Period Cibie Super-Oscar headlights from the early 1970's. An oil cooler, electronic 123 ignition, 4-point quick-release fasteners, a rare (original) tool kit, FIVA identity card and many more ...
For the full list of accessories and all other info about this historical rally icon, you may always contact us. You are very welcome to visit our Classics showroom in the Netherlands!

Kind regards,
Prins Classics.