Land Rover Range Rover

Land Rover Range Rover

Range Rover
3.5 V8 Vogue | Classic | Manual | Good condition !
Factory Color
212.137 km

Range Rover Classic 3.5 V8 Vogue

After Jeep, Land Rover was the first car manufacturer in the world to put all-terrain vehicles on the market. But with the Range Rover label, the British have an extra asset: they built the very first luxury SUV ever, making it the inventor of the segment that’s so incredibly popular at the moment. Due to its success, the 4th generation Range Rover is now available.
Nothing beats the original, you say? Alright then. Prins proudly presents the Range Rover Classic. The original, since 1969. The born classic lasted until 1996. This one was made in 1985: a stunning Vogue including a 3.5 liter V8 petrol engine. From the inside and outside the RR remains in good shape, and the overhauled technique has just enough patina to make it too good not to use. After all, with such a prominent name in the off-road scene, you just have to use the incredible skills too.


You could say that the founder of the SUV has literally found its way to the top: this specific Classic started its career in Málaga (Spain) in spring 1985 (April). Somewhere around the new century the Range Rover crossed the Spanish border and ended up in the south of France. It stayed there until 2016. It’s not the first time a Dutchman discovers something beautiful in the southern area of our favorite holiday destination. And we guess this RR Classic won’t be the last thing too. However, it turned out that the former Dutch owner took nothing for granted and immediately organized an engine overhaul in the year of his British discovery. And yes, we have some pictures of this moment. In 2019, the classic Range Rover got major maintenance, including new carburetor’s, an intake manifold and more. Invoices are included as evidence of good behavior.


The distinction between the "standard" Land Rover and the luxury Range Rover naturally starts with the looks. What’s great about the Classic is that it is unmistakably a Land Rover and yet it clearly has a more exclusive appearance. But as said, the SUV doesn’t deny its origin, which means that this luxurious workhorse also has a raised bodywork with characteristic, angular lines and a large ground clearance. The Classic from Prins is completely original and hasn’t been restored. Despite its respectable age, the exterior is in a neat condition without any significant imperfections. However, there’s no lack of patina as well, proofing the usability of the off-roader. In our opinion, the Balmoral Green paintwork is the perfect color for this type of car: typical English, with a little discretion.


The Range Rover lives up to its distinguished “Vogue” name and features things like air conditioning, comfort seats, a leather steering wheel, rear headrests and 4 power windows. Anyone who thinks that a luxury SUV should have leather upholstery, will be disappointed seeing the Range Rover Classic hasn’t. After all, luxurious or not, functionality is the fundamental. In short, the first generation Range Rover is a real Land Rover. The wooden trim in the doors on the other hand, is an attempt to visualize the chic British heritage. The rest of the interior is pretty straightforward though. The seating position (including front armrests) is traditionally high and fairly upright; like a king sitting on his throne. That’s still the case with the current Range Rovers. No wonder we call it “King of the (off-)road...”


What also stands out on the inside are the 2 separate gear shifts. The smallest shift belongs to the low gearing of course, for real heavy terrain work. And since the off-road capacities are strongly related to power, the Classic has a genuine V8, which got a serious upgrade from Land Rover back in 1984, increasing the power from 130 up to 155 hp. Naturally, permanent four-wheel drive was always included, because luxury horses can also work very hard. The Range Rover is the ultimate proof. When will we see you in Holland to visit our showroom, Your Majesty?

Kind regards,
Prins Classics

Electic front and rear window
Rear headrests
Wooden interior trim
Leather steering weel
Alloy wheels
velor seat upholstery