Maserati 422

Maserati 422

, 9549km, 1st owner
Factory Color
9.549 km

This unique 1992 Maserati 422 has everything you would and could expect from a high class classic sedan of Italian origin: it has a spacious interior, a distinctive design and a delightful dose of character!


But the most beautiful part of this magnificent Maserati is its history. Over the past 24 years the stylish limousine has been in possession of only one owner: a Spanish Opel dealer from Bilbao. Because of his age, the former owner chose to say goodbye to some of his classic cars, including this fine 422.

With its ultra low mileage (only 9549 kilometers!), the trident offers more patina than any other saloon from the 80s and 90s. The car really is in excellent condition, aesthetically and technically! Everything looks, feels and smells like new. Driving the Maserati 422 is like going back in time. In all those years, this beauty on wheels has lost none of its elegance and class, making it one of the most impressive "time machines" that we’ve ever seen!
Speaking of which, the former owner stored all the (maintenance) history and kept it in the supplied documentation, so you can read all about it whenever and wherever you’d like to.

Interior & exterior

On the outside the Maserati is adorned with a tasteful tailor-made costume in the suitable color called Dark Acquamarina. The immaculate dark varnish brings out the best in the 422. The chrome trim around the windows and on top of the wheel arches provides a nice contrast.

Also the interior is impeccable in every kind of way. The Alcantara headlining, chic blue leather on dashboard and seats, aluminum door sills and gorgeous wood trim on dashboard and door panels all just breathe unadulterated passion for quality and style. The steering wheel, gear knob, handbrake lever and radio are also made of wood. They literally give an extra smooth feeling during a ride with this amazing “Berlina”.


Like a real top class limousine, the 422 is equipped with all kinds of luxury and comfort enhancing features, such as a sunroof, electrically adjustable seats, climate control and a genuine golden timepiece, which traditionally has a prominent place in the middle of the dashboard. Pure nostalgia!

However, once you’re driving the classy Italian, all eyes will be focused on the road, thanks to a surprisingly good handling. The Maserati is so comfortable; it feels like a modern car!


Maserati's 422 was introduced in 1988 to replace the 420. In fact, the 422 replaced all previous versions of the 420 series at once, including the 420 Si (with Weber fuel injection), which the 422 technically is based on.

The model name refers to several types of characteristics: 4 doors, a 2.0 liter engine and double overhead camshafts. Also, the last "2" indicates that this was the second series of the famous model.

Compared to its predecessor, the car was slightly restyled and especially recognizable by the rounder grille with chrome surround, new rearview mirrors and 5-bolt alloy wheels. Logically, the performances were in line with those of the 420 Si.

Only 978 units of the Maserati 422 were built over a production period of four years. One of them is now for sale in the Netherlands at Prins Classics. And that might just be the most beautiful one of all 978. You’re happily invited to discover it by yourself. See you in Holland!

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Alcantara headlining
Electric adjustable front seat
Leather furnishing
Leather dashboard
Leather door panels
Alloy wheels
Tilting roof
Power steering