Maserati Biturbo

Maserati Biturbo

16.982 km

Maserati Biturbo

An outstandingly beautiful Maserati Biturbo from 1984 with only 16,982 kilometers of experience! This originally Italian-supplied car has been in possession of only two owners! A very rare and exceptionally gorgeous coupé that is just perfect in all kinds of ways. With a body and technics which almost seem to be untouched. Absolutely unique!


The Biturbo set the basis for a whole range of popular Maserati models. Including numerous 222 versions (2-door 2+2 coupé), various saloons (420, 422, 425, 430 etc.) and even a Spyder.
The first Biturbo appeared on the market in 1981. The production continued until 1994. The model was built under the authority of the Argentinean Alejandro de Tomaso: a former Formula 1 driver and founder of the car brand called De Tomaso.
At the time Alejandro started working at Maserati back in 1976, his main (ambitious) goal was to combine the prestige of the famous brand with the dynamics of an unadulterated sports car. At the same time, he wanted to make the models more affordable, in order to generate more sales. He succeeded to achieve both goals. The Biturbo is very sporty without compromising on luxury, and was a huge (sales) success.

Design & interior

The fact that the Biturbo was in production for 13 years, says a lot about the timeless, stunning design of the four-seater notchback coupé, known for its relatively short backside. Pierangelo Andreani, "Chief of Centro Stile" at Maserati, was responsible for the angular, typical 80’s looks. Later, Marcello Gandini took over the drawing pencil and marked the design by taking care of the facelifts in 1988 and 1991.
The dark red lacquer on this particular car accentuates the graceful Maserati cachet. After all these years, the tasteful exterior lost nothing of its brilliance. Even the chrome details shimmer like they’ve just left the factory.
The same can be said of the interior: the Biturbo cockpit is absolutely impeccable. This might be one of the most precious time machines we’ve ever seen. Driver and passenger(s) get surrounded by astonishing aesthetics and splendid materials. Including wooden panels and brown leather finish of the dashboard, center / tunnel console and door panels.


With less than 17,000 kilometers on the odometer, the technique relatively needs little attention. Even after 33 years. However, this fact didn’t stop us from improving the car, up to today’s magnificent condition.
The name Biturbo obviously refers to the 2.0 liter V6 in the front, supported by a twin turbo. With this engine, the Italians have the first double-turbo series production car in history! The 6-cylinder produces 205 horsepower and is more than ready for the next stylish and historically beautiful chapter. Number three, to be exact. The question is, who has the main role in it?

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