Maserati Racing

Maserati Racing

Factory Color
112.593 km

Maserati 222 Racing

When a Maserati has ‘Racing’ in its model name, you know you have to take it seriously. Add the desirable reference to an icon like the Maserati 222, and the impact is of a whole other level. Take this Maserati 222 Racing: the perfect mix of pure speed and unrivaled exclusivity. Moreover, it is an absolute rarity, referring to the limited edition of 230, and exclusively meant for Italy! 115 editions found their way to other countries in a different way anyway. But do they all match the beauty of this specific one? We highly doubt it.


It’s commonly known that a classic Maserati, and in particular this 222 Racing, is extra sensitive to good services. In the workshop as well as outside. “Run the engine gently until it’s warm, turbos have to run cold. And only refuel with RON98.” Those are the magic words of the former owner, giving tips to the next enthusiast. Hoping that the person will remember it forever, since the importance cannot be underestimated! He learned his lessons from Auto Forza: the Dutch Maserati Specialist, where the car has been maintained from day one after it was imported to the Netherlands. Until Prins Classics got the hands on it in 2016…
This unique classic sports car was delivered new in Italy and brought to Holland in 2004 by Automobili. The reason for purchasing in 2005 is almost as special as the model itself: "I was looking for a spectacular car, something else than a Porsche," the previous owner told us. He came across a 1992 911 Turbo competitor with 70,000 kilometers and an in 2003 revised engine. The rest is history...

Design & condition

The Racing is the pinnacle of the Maserati 222 series: a Biturbo version developed by Marcello Gandini back in the 80s. The rare hardcore version is lighter and more powerful than other 222’s, and based on the second Biturbo restyling sketched by Gandini; the man who’s also responsible for the distinct design of historical exotics such as the Lamborghini Miura, Countach and Diablo. Take a look at the tight 222 Racing profile, which is full of aggressive components, and you know what we mean. For example, notice the headlight covers, prominent sills and placement of the rear spoiler.
The Racing had to fill the gap between the "standard" 222 and the even more extreme Shamal, visually and technically. Mission accomplished. Because even in discreet Dazing Black (repainted in 2009), the Trident remains a striking appearance. Franco Auto also placed a new windshield in 2015 for a driver view as clear as the character of this magnificent machine. And the air conditioning? It works perfectly, thanks to the installation of the last (!) new original control panel for the 222 available in the Netherlands. Small details make a huge difference…

Technique & performance

For its time, the 222 Racing is a seriously fast car. And still the 2.0-liter V6 with 2 turbos and 287 hp knows how to get the attention of today’s speed demons. Accelerating from 0-100 km/h can be done within 5.9 seconds. The top speed of 256 km/h is impressive, but it’s the handling that we love. The electronically adjustable KONI shock absorbers have been restored for ultimate driving pleasure. Nevertheless, pay attention to speed bumps: the oil pan is quite low mounted. Maserati obviously wasn’t prepared for such obstacles in the early 90s. The emotion that this sensational Trident evokes however, is absolutely timeless...

Kind regards,
Prins Classics