Mercedes-Benz 190

Mercedes-Benz 190

SL , top condition!
75.510 km

The Mercedes-Benz SL is a true icon. The model is on the market since 1954. Six generations later, she still knows how to put a smile on the face of many car enthusiasts. However, no matter how great all SL’s are, nothing beats the original...

You’re looking at a fully restored and absolutely amazing 1955 190 SL with matching numbers. An exceptionally well styled, born classic with a mouth-watering dose of charisma. We believe that whoever claims that German cars have no character, wants to return this judgement immediately after standing face to face with this gorgeous grand touring roadster.


The graceful lines of the open Mercedes are classy and elegant. The term 'art on wheels' covers it all, looking at the aesthetically designed, timeless two-seater. So beautiful, we’ve rarely seen a car like this before!
The light gray “Silberpfeil” features a stunning metallic paint; one of the results of the sublime restoration, which is carried out in 2016 by the former owner himself. Most work has been realized in the Netherlands, but he went around the world to visit lots of motor shows, searching for the right parts.
The former owner has spent 47,000 euros to get the SL into the current unique condition. This amount consists solely parts and painting; the man ours are not included. However, the result is really great: the car shines just as beautifully as when she left the factory back in 1955! Since the former owner is proud of the way he has gone to work, he has recorded the entire restoration process with a photo shoot, which is exclusively shown on an included USB stick.


The SL may be built in 1955, she has been registered for the first time in 1956. The complete documentation also reveals that the classy roadster was delivered new in that year by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer located in a very proper destination: the sunny and wealthy Los Angeles.
Perhaps even more importantly: the same paperwork confirms that the extremely fine, red leather interior is the original factory color! Moreover, the documentation includes also a workshop manual and a fully completed service book that goes all the way back to 1956! For example, it shows that the car has been serviced two to three times per year. Obviously, the chance you’ll find another SL of the first generation with that much history and background information, is minimal.

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