Mercedes-Benz 190 SL

People shouldn’t compromise when it comes to pristine beauty. This gorgeous, solid 1961 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL shows why: it leads to pure perfection. That’s exactly how Mercedes meant it when they introduced their “Super Light” street legal sports car back in 1954. The classic on your screen has a hardtop and a lot of history. No time to read though, when this beauty is in your garage...

History & background

Switzerland turned out to be the perfect place to get a clear start in 59 years of automobile history. The iconic German was able to show off with no interference. In the year 2000 she was discovered by the Netherlands. Very Superior Old Cars (VSOC, the name says it all) imported the 190 SL to Sassenheim and fortunately left the unspoiled Benz unspoiled. 20 years later, the Mercedes has been promoted to a true “Prins Classic”.
What makes the Mercedes SL an icon? To begin with, she derives from the legendary "Gullwing". But instead of having doors going upwards, the roof can come down. Guess what’s more fun to drive... We give you a hint: all successors (5 up to now, excluding the facelift versions) were convertibles. However, as far as we’re concerned, nothing beats the original!

Exterior & design

Right up to the front windshield, the 190 SL is almost identical to the Gullwing. Both the coupe and the cabriolet can be recognized by a timeless design with round headlights, chrome bumper parts and a large grille. The Mercedes star has a prominent place in the grille. Characteristic are also the wheel arches: all four have a straight horizontal line, finished with chrome. The vertical chrome part halfway the windshield – splitting the screen visually in two, is something we know from the 1950s. The sleek Slate Grey lacquer suits the 190 SL wonderfully and is a perfect fit to the red leather interior.
Also the dark gray bodywork contrasts beautifully to the shiny chrome parts. In addition to the bumpers and wheel arches, the side skirts, window frames, left mirror on the front screen and even the frames around the headlights have a chrome finish. This Mercedes SL shines bright like a real star!

Interior & technique

Lowering the black roof increases the view on the red cockpit. And that’s exactly what you want. As an unadulterated attraction, the typical 1950s dashboard including double round instruments, 2-spoke steering wheel in white/chrome, chrome ashtray and original Becker Monte-Carlo radio enchants enthusiasts like no other. Once taking a seat, you will immediately notice the splendid condition of the SL interior. The W121 is driven by a 1.9 liter 4-cylinder engine delivering 105 hp. That might seem modest for a sports car of this level, but the Mercedes 190 SL always will be "Super Light", so why using heavy power?

Kind regards,
Prins Classics